Shaping The Battle…

If you’re a reader of this blog you weren’t surprised by the results last night. We hit it on the nose yesterday with our prediction.
So what now?
Only three candidates emerged from the New Hampshire primary with delegates. Remember, fifteen per cent is the threshold to earn any. What do the results mean for the candidates?

Senator Sanders has the chance to knock Elizabeth Warren out of the race next Saturday in Nevada. If he does that it leaves the left lane wide open to him. His contenders would be Mayor Buttigieg, Senator Warren and former Mayor Bloomberg. The later three are all considered more “center” in the Democratic Party.
That certainly opens an avenue for Sanders to continue gathering the delegates he needs.

As for former VP Joe Biden, I don’t see him recovering to the point he prevails. Remember he has run for President twice before and never won a primary. His hesitation with questions and somewhat stumbling over some answers have been a negative. Then add the charges of corruption that arose from the impeachment, that really hurt. There is an instinct on the part of working Americans to say, “wait Hunter got paid how much for what?” That constant drumbeat raised doubts and harmed him.
When they write the story of the 2020 Election it will say that the House Democrats shot at President Trump (with impeachment), missed him, but hit Joe Biden.
It’s increasingly clear that the effort was a bad move.

Thus it appears to me that Warren is done. Biden is going. Wang and Bennent left last night and others will follow. Who would be the toughest for the President? Of those standing now it would Amy Klobuchar in my opinion. Midwest roots and values and from a state the President wants to win, surrounded by others he needs to win.

One big event to mark on your calendar is next Wednesday. There is another Democratic debate in Nevada. The gloves will be off as some fight for position and others for survival. Plus it is likely Mike Bloomberg will be in it.

other news today:

No sooner had we printed yesterday about the prosecutors recommending a long sentence for Roger Stone before we heard the DOJ was recommending otherwise. The result? The four prosecutors (from the Mueller probe) quit the case (with one resigning).
The President had tweeted that he thought it was unfair. Wonder if this impeachable?

We mentioned the ERA here over the past few weeks and today we can report it has new momentum. Back in the 1970’s it was directed to equal rights for women. The new momentum today is from LGBTQ activists.
They want it revived even if it has to start over. Their position is it would bring sexual minorities out of the shadows and give them protections in hiring and firing and wage equality.

News from Utah on the drive to “Recall Romney”.
Utah lawmakers said they won’t consider proposals that could censure or recall him. Utah’s House Speaker said the GOP caucus decided not to advance either proposal following a “robust debate” behind closed doors.
They said they want to get the whole impeachment behind us (the country).


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