All Eyes…

All eyes are on New Hampshire tonight and if you are following closely you keep hearing about “momentum” for this candidate, and “major movement” for this one. So what do we think?

It looks like Senator Sanders wins this primary, and coming off his first or tied or close second (the official results are still out) in Iowa he will have done what he needed in the first two.
Mayor Pete, off his surprise in Iowa, looks to be a strong second here. He is moving on for sure.
Now comes the interesting part. I see Amy Klobuchar making a major move today and she may finish third. That would vault her well into the middle of this race and provide a path.

That leaves the others. If Senator Warren falls to fourth it’s hard to see her moving on with any chance. This is home turf and two rejections in the first two the game is over for her.
VP Biden could fall to fifth here. Fourth or fifth is bad news for him. He will survive to S.C. because he has the organization and funds, but those polls are already falling. S.C. can well go from his fire wall to end of campaign.

If all that happens then comes Super Tuesday and Mike Bloomberg joining the fray. So follow this scenario. Mayor Buttigieg and Senator Klobuchar joining Senator Sanders and now Mike Bloomberg. Sanders would own the far left all to himself. The other three would be fighting for the more centrist Democratic Party vote. That would help Sanders big and can divide the party.

Let’s see how it plays out.

some other news

Remember a few weeks ago when Virginia passed the ERA and said there were now enough states to make it legal? The only problem was the time period had run out in 1982? Well, yesterday Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said that the current version of the Equal Rights Amendment is dead. This undercuts congressional Democrats days before they plan to pass a bill trying to revive it. If she is against it then there is no way the court will support it.
She said backers need to start over, because the amendment Congress proposed to the states for ratification in 1972 is now dead. When Congress submitted the amendment, it set a seven-year deadline for ratification. By the deadline in 1979, only 35 of the needed 38 states had ratified.

Did you see this news on the Roger Stone sentencing for next week?
Federal prosecutors are recommending Roger Stone be sent to prison for seven to nine years for his conviction on charges related to his efforts to make contact with WikiLeaks during the 2016 presidential campaign.
That would be the longest sentence to stem from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.
The actual sentence will be big news no matter what it is.

This should get more coverage. The Justice Department sued New Jersey and a Washington county over their laws and policies limiting local cooperation with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The moves escalated the administration’s battle with liberal states and localities with sanctuary policies.


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