Three Topics Plus:

topic one: sotu

No doubt you watched, heard or spoke to someone today about the SOTU. So my comments will be limited to this.
The tearing up of the speech the moment it ended was one of the most disrespectful acts in congress I have witnessed. It was absolutely classless.

Someone should bring up a measure to censure the Speaker for her action. I realize it won’t pass the Democratic House, but it is the right thing to do and put people on record.
The same way the Speaker brought censure charges (rightfully) against Congressman Joe Wilson who shouted “you lie” at a President Obama SOTU. He was wrong and Speaker Pelosi was wrong yesterday.

Otherwise, a long time ago the SOTU changed to a political type speech. The President presented his case for his accomplishments and that is what has been the norm for decades now.

Topic two: impeachment

Finally we reach the end of this ordeal.
Two of the three wavering Republican Senators (Collins and Murkowski) have announced they are voting to acquit. The only Republican not yet announcing his vote is Mitt Romney. It is hard to believe he wants to be the sole Republican in the House or Senate to vote to impeach the President.

That leaves those Democratic Senators who may cross over and vote to acquit. Let’s watch that today. If even one does that would mean we have bipartisanship in both houses – for the President.

topic three: Iowa

As of this writing  there is still only 71.44% of the precincts reporting. How can that be two days after the vote? We counted hanging chads quicker.

The vote as of this writing is:
Pete Buttigieg 27% … Bernie Sanders 25% … Elizabeth Warren 18% … Joe Biden 15% … Amy Klobuchar 13% … Andrew Yang 1% … Tom Steyer 0.3%

We’ve learned some facts:
In round one Bernie had the most votes.
Then in round two Buttigieg picked up more than him to take the lead.
What was interesting was that Joe Biden actually dropped in round two by a few tenths.
They have 28% additional to announce, so we’ll see where it ends up. You need 15% to gain any delegates.
By any measure this was a disaster for Biden, but the confusion over the numbers and reporting have masked a lot of that.

Now Friday looms large as they have a debate in New Hampshire.
Sanders is favored to win next Tuesday.
That would mean Buttigieg and Sanders spilt the first two and onto the Nevada Caucus they go Feb. 22nd.
Biden cannot fail there, too, as South Carolina, his firewall is next Feb. 29.

If they end up with three different winners heading to Super Tuesday, watch out, because Mike Bloomberg is waiting and has been investing heavily.

As we said months ago, this could end up with a real challenge into the Milwaukee convention.

Topic Four: other issues

A Gallup poll released points out the challenge the Democrats have going against the President this election cycle.
The poll found that 84% of Americans are satisfied with their quality of life.
93% of Republicans, and 74% of Democrats agree.
81% overall are satisfied with the nation’s military strength and readiness.
91% of Republicans, and 73% of Democrats agree.
72% are satisfied with the opportunity for a person to get ahead by working hard;
93% of Republicans and 52% of Democrats agree.
68% overall are satisfied with the nation’s security from terrorism;
80% of Republicans, and 53% of Democrats agree.
68% overall are also satisfied with the state of the U.S. economy;
87% of Republicans and 48% of Democrats agree.
63% overall are satisfied with women’s place in U.S. society;
84% of Republicans and 41% of Democrats agree.

Yesterday we mentioned the challenge that Doug Collins announced in Georgia his challenge to Kelly Loeffler, the recently appointed Senator in the state. Yesterday a formidable Democratic challenge emerged to them both. The Rev. Raphael Warnock, pastor at the massive Ebenezer Baptist Church that was the spiritual home of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. announced he would was running.
That race will now be active, expensive and one to watch.

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