The App What?

So after three years of campaigning and the hype – the app didn’t work? Wait you’re telling me you want to be the “first in the nation” and you can’t count the votes? Wait, I just heard five candidates say they did real well, how is that? Wait, you want to run the country and you can’t count bodies in the room?
Can you believe that last night? I sat there waiting and waiting and after they all said they won, I went to bed. This morning as I write this I still don’t know.
Was the app a surprise? Read this (from Politico) and tell me:
Sean Bagniewski, chair of the Polk County Democratic Party, said that local officials were aware of problems with the app since last Thursday and that they had requested state officials resolve the problems — to no avail.
“‘We knew the app was a problem last Thursday,’ Bagniewski said. When local party officials asked the state party about issues they had with the app, they were referred to a ‘dedicated staffer’ who was not able to solve the problems, he said.
“‘We had had so many complaints about the app that we started telling our chairs that if they were having problems with the app then you should call in the results,’ Bagniewski said. The state party did not provide any training on how to use the app, he said, adding that while the caucus trainings are done at the county level, the app itself came from the state level.

By the way, wait until you hear who built the app and what campaign they worked on in the recent past.

We’ll see what happens, but trying to read the speech tea leaves it sounded like Bernie and Pete were at the top, and VP Biden had a bad night. Did he drop as low as fourth? We’ll see.


Did you hear Joe Manchin and Lisa Murkowski talk yesterday? Murkowski announced she is voting not to remove, but she and Manchin both said censure was the right thing. Manchin was pushing for that option now.
Well as we wrote many times that was the off ramp for the House. “We are voting to censure the President and the people can vote to impeach in November.” Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and team rejected that option. Sorry Joe you should have spoken up then. Show some courage now and make a decision, enough with the politics already.
Clearly we’ve said here the President went over a line, but no where near enough to impeach. He went too far and the House Democrats went too far. Get this over with already.

state of the union

Won’t this be fun tonight? The President has a great record to present and a positive state of the union to report. He will do it in a chamber where half the people despise him and want him removed from office. Wow. In fact behind him sits a supporter in VP Pence a lead proponet of his removal in Nancy Pelosi.
If you’re a Presidential Supporter just hope he sticks to his script.

some other interesting news

Fox Business Network gathered these numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that offer straightforward insight into the state of the nation during President Trump’s time in office.
They are the national unemployment rates during the past six administrations:
Unemployment currently is 3.8% during Mr. Trump’s time in office. It was 9.3% during Barack Obama’s era, 5.5% during George W. Bush’s time in office, 6.2% during Bill Clinton’s era, 5.9% forGeorge H.W. Bush’s tenure and 9% during Ronald Reagan’s administration.

Republicans need to hold their senate seats this November if they want to hold the senate. They have far more up for grabs than Democrats. The announcement by Rep. Doug Collins to throw his hat into the ring for the Senate contest in Georgia is a big negative. He is running against a recently appointed woman (Sen. Kelly Loeffler) by Gov. Brian Kemp. This can very well divide the party.
Georgia is in the unusual position of having both of its Senate seats on the line. Republican Sen. David Perdue is up for reelection and a special election will decide who completes Sen. Johnny Isakson’s term, which is where Collins has thrown his hat. Isakson resigned due to health reasons.
Not good for the Republicans in a state still reeling from last year’s Governor’s race.

Speaking of women, the Republican party is pushing hard to run more woman and minorities. The Democratic Party has long touted its appeal to women as an advantage. This time the Republicans are recruiting hard. They have unprecedented numbers of women running for office. The National Republican Congressional Committee says 200 woman have filed for 2020, shattering all previous records. In addition, 164 minorities and 214 veterans also have filed to run as Republicans so far.


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