Eight Hours To Go…

Eight hours of questions is all that remains before we get to the witness vote tomorrow, which could end this whole thing. The American Public lost interest at the outset, and ratings show that. The MSM continues to hype it but I think most people are saying “get this over with already”.

Yesterday we saw day one of questions. Who knew that senators would be asking questions of their own side to bolster their argument.
So it all seems to come down to this:
The House Prosecutors want to call a witness. They want John Bolton. Anything they can do to make the President look bad is the goal.
When the defense says if you want Bolton we want the Biden’s, they say no. Their argument is the Biden’s are not pertinent to this and if they want one for one they should take Chief of Staff Mulvaney. He they say, is more relevant to what Bolton has to say.
So the Prosecutors want witnesses and want to tell the defense who they should call. Not going to work.

Ask yourself is Hunter Biden tied to this case? After all it started with him and the reasons he got the job. I think a lot of us want to know what went on there.

The other exchange that caught my attention was the defense saying they might call the whistle blower. They think their is a connection between the whistle blower and Schiff’s staff. We have heard these stories and seen the name outed in the press. When Schiff said he didn’t know who the person was and that his staff had not corresponded with him it was a reversal on the staff statement he had made earlier. The MSM didn’t play this up as they would have for someone else.
By the way MRC reported this morning that the evening news networks had a 90% positive spin for the prosecution and against the administration last night. Having watched the morning shows today I can tell you that trend continued.

So I come to this conclusion as we head toward tomorrow’s vote:
The prosecutors want witnesses, but only the ones they want.
The defense wants no witnesses and to end this now.
But if they force witnesses then the defense wants to go scorched earth and call them all.
I don’t think both sides want that and four more weeks of this.
Thus more than 50 senators may want a witness or two, but that can’t be done without opening the door.
I am not sure how the 50 line up, but this may well end tomorrow.
Romney says he is voting for witnesses, but Garner and Toomey who were question marks came out for no witnesses.
So Collins, Murkowski and Alexander are the three that would have to join Romney. I don’t see Alexander doing that as he walks out the door. The pressure on him will be enormous.
That leaves the possibility of a 50 -50 vote. Then what? No one is really sure. It may go to Judge Roberts.

Of course there are still three Democrats that may not vote for witnesses. Sen. Jones saw a poll in Alabama that had 70% saying end this now. A vote for witnesses will end his career. He is up for reelection in November. The same for Joe Manchin in West Virginia. The polls in his state want this over. Now he got reelected last year, so he has some leeway, but do you represent your people or not?

Barring any revelations today like the released Bolton tape yesterday showing him praising the Presidents calls with Ukraine before the book this should end tomorrow.
But who thought a call that did not contain what they said it did, and funds that did flow within the timeframe, and the “quo” charged never happened would get this far.


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