Onto Friday…

We are not going to take your time today. Everything with impeachment points to Friday and can Mitch O’Connell hold his caucus to close this inquiry and tell everyone to move on. It seems pretty certain that Mitt Romney is going to vote to bring in witnesses. Are there three more Republicans? The pressure will be those wavering senators namely Collins, Murkowski and Alexander. If there’s another I am not sure who it would be. Cory Gardner (CO) and Tom Tillis (NC) seem to recognize they can’t be the fourth vote. Alexander (TN) is retiring and he has always marched as he saw fit.

On the other side would any Democrat cross lines and vote no on witnesses? The only possibilities are Doug Jones (Ala), Joe Manchin (W,Va) and Kyrsten Sinema (Ariz). Of the three the most likely is Jones, who is running for reelection in red state Alabama. But, would he walk that plank alone and change the outcome? I don’t think so.

Each of these wavering Senators have to take their own survival in upcoming elections into account. Jones, as an example, would help himself in the general election by voting with the President, but he could be beaten in a primary before that. The same for Republicans Gardner and Tillis. A vote against the President could create an immediate primary challenge.
Manchin and Sinema have four plus years so they have cover. Collins is in a dilemma no matter what in a divided Maine. It might be safer for her to vote for witnesses and try to ride it out.

I am betting right now there is a big fight Friday for witnesses. But not just witnesses, it will be a fight over who and when. Democrats will want Bolton and no one else. Republicans will want Hunter and the Whistle Blower. So the fight will be not only do we have witnesses, but who they are. That will add pressure to each senator and how far they can go.
If this opens to many witnesses, then the trial drags on for a month or more, which would take us through Super Tuesday. So, much is at stake.
Buckle up for this one.


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