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You heard all about the President’s defense team’s presentation yesterday. Without the Bolton Book reports the chances of this ending this week were there. That release makes it more likely we argue over witnesses and this goes on.
I’m still waiting for one more information drop from those pushing impeachment. Sort of like the Kavanaugh hearing where new reports kept coming out of nowhere.

The question is did the President hold funds to drive an investigation? We have said from the outset we think he did. We have also said since the funds were released within the period designed, and no investigation took place, there is no impeachable offense.
If our inclination to think the action occurred, why didn’t they just say “so what” from the outset and argue it’s not impeachable? We don’t know that answer.

Alan Dershowitz addressed the Bolton news in his presentation to the senate last night. He told them that even if everything reported was true it was not an impeachable action.

some interesting other news

Did you see the prosecutor in the Jeffrey Epstein case went after Prince Andrew saying he is not responding despite public announcements he wanted to cooperate? Tough times for the Royal Family.

The President is keeping busy and trying to divert attention.
Today he is introducing a Middle East Peace Plan at the White House.
This long awaited plan is expected to propose a dramatic remapping of the West Bank while offering Palestinians a pathway to statehood if they meet a set of tests. It will garner news.

Tomorrow as the senate begins to answer written questions and decide whether or not to call more witnesses the White House has a big USMCA ceremony planned.

How important is the Supreme Court in Presidential elections? Another example yesterday:
The Court yesterday voted 5-4 to support stricter rules on green cards. This allows the administration to move forward with plans to deny permanent legal status to immigrants who are more likely to make use of public benefits like Medicaid, food stamps and housing vouchers.
In other words, if you are going to end up on public support you are not likely to get a green card.

Hunter Biden settled his court case on child support. Thus he avoids a public trial. This was the case he denied he was the father and then did the DNA test. The plantiff was demanding to see his financials.

No coverage but the FBI is reviewing claims Rep. Ilhan Omar married her brother. FBI agents in Minnesota were handed documents regarding Omar’s 2009 marriage to Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, a source with knowledge of the event said. There are claims it was an arranged marriage so they could stay in the U.S.

Michael Avenatti’s trial is underway. They are picking the jury in his Nike extoration case.

Finally today we’ve seen hypocrisy on all sides between what people said in the Clinton impeachment and the opposite positions they have today. Here’s an interesting example on just the Ukraine and how vital the support to them is today to some. — but yesterday maybe not so much:
From Senator Joni Ernst:
 “The Democratic House Managers’ hypocrisy is on full display: they’ve spent most of their time lecturing the Senate on aid to Ukraine, yet four of them voted AGAINST legislation that provided the very same aid they’re lecturing us on.”
The point was also repeated by Oklahoma Republican Sen. Jim Inhofe who named names and gave examples:
In 2018, Reps. Jerry Nadler, Zoe Lofgren, Sylvia Garcia and Hakeem Jeffries all voted against that year’s National Defense Authorization Act, which included $250 million in aide for Ukraine. Nadler voted against the NDAA again a year later, and an additional $300 million in aide, according to the White House.
Think about that as these four House Impeachment Members talk about how the President put Ukraine in jeopardy.


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