The Defense…

I usually don’t blog and bother you on a Saturday, but with the President’s defense team to begin in a little over an hour, I wanted to share how I would do this.

I would start this morning by reminding the Senators for three days they have heard the same story over and over. How the President pressured the President of Ukraine.

 Well let’s start today with a reading of the transcript. 

After the transcript is read, I would ask. Does the call transcript tie to what they told you for the past three days?
It doesn’t does it?
You know what it ties to?

What the past three days tie to is what their leader, Adam Schiff, told the House Committee and America what the transcript said. 

Then play the Schiff Transcript video where he made it all up.

Now doesn’t the past three days tie to Schiff’s made up version and not the actual call? 
He lied. They lied.

Was it the first time? No.
Then play videos of Schiff saying there was Russian Collusion. It was “in plain sight.”

Then play Mueller’s words there was” no collusion”. And oh yea, as late as yesterday Schiff stood here and said there was collusion. 

What did he base it on? A Dossier known as the Steele Dossier. He said it was real.
Well it wasn’t.
Play the results of the FBI report. 

This from a man who said we must respect the investigative committees and teams.

He came here and said other lies. 
Play videos.

Senators, if Schiff and Nadler played with the facts and not their made up stories they would not be charging you with “covering up,” but charge themselves for the time, pain and costs they have put this country through based upon their lies. 

In fact that’s why the two charges they brought are not tied to anything. Abuse of Power? Who really abused their power here? 

These charges are so wrong they should be dismissed in this venue today. 
Allow me to introduce Alan Dershowitz who will tell you why this whole procedure is unconstitutional and should be ended. 

After Dershowitz. End of day one

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