Day Three…

There’s not much to report today. Yesterday was more of the same as when you get 24 hours you will repeat charges. On Saturday we will move to the defense and it will be 24 hours of rebuttal.

The Democrats led by Adam Schiff have done well. They fed their case with all they had and brought emotion to their presentation. Schiff called the President a liar over and over. Now I wonder if in the rebuttal the defense begins attacking Schiff and showing illustrations of his statements and why he can’t be believed. Some drama at least to come.

There may have been a preview of the attack this AM as Rudy Giuliani emerged and announced he is presenting proof of the Biden corruption beginning at noon today. I expect this is all coordinated with the planned defense. Won’t that be something with Iowa only ten days away.

So let’s leave it there today. We have eight more hours of the case against the administration and then we begin the opposite. All leading to a vote as to whether we call more witnesses. If I had to bet right now, I would think this ends before that. We’ll see.

By the way Vice President Joseph R. Biden said Wednesday he won’t agree to appear as a witness before the Senate as part of a testimony swap.

other news

President Trump will address the pro-life rally in person today. He will be the first president to attend event live.


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