Show Time Day Two…

The clicking sound of remotes turning off televisions made stations revert back to some programing. Somewhere along the line some bright intern said, “I don’t think people want to watch 24 hours of the House repeating it’s charges, then 24 more of the President’s team calling them wrong.” So they moved off the wall to wall coverage. A few cable networks stayed with it and we’ll see their ratings today.
By the way, FoxNews won the cable coverage on day one.

One of those clicking sounds you heard was my remote. I heard the charges over and over in the House sessions and again here in the senate opening. I want to hear the defense now and get this behind us.

The question remains, what was the crime? Yesterday it sounded like the President was going to steal the 2020 election. To impeach you have to identify what law was broken? The two articles as written, are they impeachable offenses? I don’t think so, unless you want to open a bottle to get future Presidents impeached when the opposition controls the congress. Ukraine got the money within the timeframe it had to be delivered. The transcript doesn’t show the crime they said. There was no quid pro quo. Was there treason? I didn’t see that either. Did he ask the Ukraine President to “do me a favor” as some said? No, the transcript said “do us a favor”.
I just don’t see the impeachable offense even if the President held the funds longer than necessary.

As for today, the middle eight hours of the House’s 24, my clicker will be on off most the day again.

other news

First Hillary goes after Bernie in here Hulu special, as reported yesterday, and then Tulsi Gabbard announces a $50 million lawsuit against Hillary for her comments calling her “a Russian asset.” Wow.

All this infighting with the impeachment trial and the primaries getting close. We have:
11 days until the Iowa caucuses
19 days until the N.H. primary
30 days until the NevadaV caucuses
37 days until the S.C. primary
40 days until Super Tuesday

As of this writing the race for Iowa looks wide open with four top tier candidates. As we’ve reported if two different candidates win the first two and then Joe Biden wins in Carolina, this could go on a long time.
Now if Biden wins in Iowa and New Hampshire then this race could be over. He has Carolina in the bag, then who is going to stop him? So watch his results in Iowa and NH for a handle on how long this goes.

Here’s a new poll from the Suffolk University/Boston Globe poll released yesterday:
Sen. Bernard Sanders has taken a small lead. He was the choice of 16% of likely Democratic primary voters, followed by VP Biden at 15%, former South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 12%, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts at 10%.
Sanders has shown gains in most polls the past week, hence you see major attacks on him. Senator Warren suffered declines as she was the one attacked in the weeks before. The one person who seems to hold up despite attacks is Biden. The question remains, though, is his support that motivated to get out and vote in the cold of winter?
Eleven days until we find out.


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