Show Time…

As we move forward with the impeachment trial we will try and limit redundant information and stick to our thoughts. So here goes:

The slow made for TV walk across the chambers to open the trial will be remembered for one of two things:
Step one in the removal of the President. Or
step one in his reelection.
You will decide this as we proceed.
For me, the somber looks on the faces on the seven walking across, a majority who had voted and supported impeachment long before the Ukraine news, was a reminder on how you can fool some of the people all the time.

Here’s the question I want to ask today. What was the crime? People go to jail for crimes right? (Well maybe not in NY anymore as I shared yesterday.)
The money for the Ukraine had to be delivered by September 30th. It was delivered on the 12th. How is that a crime?
The administration wanted the Bidens investigated right? They weren’t. It was never done. How is that a crime?
To be a crime the impacted person or country should know you did it, right? They never knew.
So the issue here is not the crime that wasn’t committed, it was they delayed delivering the money because they wanted to do something that didn’t happen. The left (see NYC) doesn’t want to lock people up for real crimes, yet here they are rabid right wing lock them up zealots.
I know where I stand, (a censure maybe). You decide where you do.

Thank goodness for investors

The stock market continues to react to the incredible news of the China phase one agreement and the senate passing the USMCA. Luckily for us all they are not relying on the MSM for their news. You see, the USMCA passed the senate yesterday 89-10. The networks news did not cover it at all last night. Can you believe that? The day before the impeachment news led and dwarfed the China agreement coverage.
Thank goodness the investment community is paying attention and driving the economy forward.

well orchestrated

Give those leading the impeachment and their supporters in the media credit though for a well managed and orchestrated plan.
On the day they walk the walk to deliver the charges they have the GAO release a report that the money was held. How many know who GAO is? Here’s the official designation:
” The Government Accountability Office is a legislative branch government agency that provides auditing, evaluation, and investigative services for the United States Congress.”
Do you see what that says? Congress. Their leaders orchestrated that report to be released on the day they walked the report over.
Then they get this sleazy character, Lev Parnas, who is under indictment to go on Rachel Maddow and CNN and say the President was involved, the AG was involved …… This man’s credibility is zero, just check his past and ask yourself this. He was a friend of Rudy Guilani supposedly. What would they do to him if he were to appear as a pro administration witness? What would they do to his character? Now though, they knew they could put him out on selected shows, get the right questions and get those who can be fooled to be fooled.
What didn’t they play over and over as they did the President and Barr “knew” comments? This one: he said he never met or spoke to either one. You see it was his judgement, and those of us paying attention already know about his judgement.

that’s why

I think that’s one reason that Fox News continues to dominate in the ratings. Here’s the latest:
“Fox News reigned over the entire cable realm last week in prime-time and throughput the day, besting such non-news competition as TLC, the Hallmark Channel and A& E Network.
Fox News continues to dominate its news rivals, as it has done for 18 consecutive years, with a 3.3 million-member audience during the prime-time hours. MSNBC drew 1.7 million and CNN 1.1 million.
The Fox Business Network, meanwhile, bested CNBC in rating throughout the day, and also aired the top three programs on business television, according to Nielsen”

It just continues to amaze me that in a TV world where people copy any successful show concept or idea, no other network has moved their coverage to a more balanced approach to gain ratings.

One more rating you might be interested in.
CNN’s Democratic presidential debate on Tuesday night brought in 7.1 million viewers, a drop from the previous debate in October, which drew 8.3
The all-time record for a cable network debate was the Republican primary debate of Aug. 6, 2015 on Fox when Megyn Kelly famously asked Donald Trump about woman. 24 million viewers.


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