The Crisis Eases…

In a normal time the end of the crisis with Iran in such a positive manner with no military deaths, additional action planned and a deceased terrorist, the incumbent President would see wide spread support from all and a bump in his popularity. Yet that is not happening here. It just illustrates starkly once again the division of our nation.

We should rejoice here though, that despite all the claims this was the start of WWIII and the President ignited a fire that would engulf all, produced an end result that was far different. Iran believed his red line (don’t harm an American) to the point we were informed four hours in advance of their planned missile attack and where. (Through the Iraqis, who were informed by the Iranians). They announced this was their action and “no further steps” would be taken. They clearly backed down. Thus, in the end the world is rid of a terrorist and many of our fellow citizens will now be able to live their lives as opposed to being added to the 600+ Soleimani had killed already.

In my lifetime John F. Kennedy preached a strong foreign policy (“We will bear any burden…”), Ronald Reagan introduced “Peace through Strength” (“we don’t get into wars because we’re too strong”), and now Donald Trump’s “red line” can be added to those. Iran backed down the day Reagan raised his hand, and did so again this week. Something for all of us to study and understand when it comes to foreign policy.

Let’s hope we can stand as one and let the world know we are united in seeking peace, but are prepared to stand and protect our citizens, soldiers and values.
You can judge how the parties do on this and the media covers it.

Though it will be fun now to see what all those who called the attack on Soleimani a designated terrorist an act of war say. As if he was allowed to kill our fellow citizens but not us him. A great example was ex Obama advisor Ben Rhodes. He pushed the foreign policy of the Iran nuclear deal and returning of the billions of dollars. He said this right before Iran backed down: “Everything” about President Trump’s killing of Qassem Soleimani “suggests serious escalation to come.” 

In eleven months you get to decide if strength or appeasement is a better foreign policy.

some news updates

The Senate Finance Committee advanced the USMCA, moving it closer to ratification. The vote was a 25-3 vote to support and move this to the full Senate. It could happen in a week and be another accomplishment in this election year, though you may recall Nancy Pelosi claimed this for her team when the House passed it.

The political season and Democratic process to choose a candiate is closing in fast. Consider it is only:
26 days until the Iowa caucuses
34 days until the New Hampshire primary
45 days until the Nevada caucuses
52 days until the South Carolina primary
55 days until Super Tuesday
We’ll have a good handle on things by the end of Super Tuesday. I hold out this could be the first brokered convention in memory.

You keep hearing about the President is profiting from his time in the White House. Well here’s a story out yesterday that tells the true story:
“Mr. Trump’s personal wealth has declined, in fact, during his service as president. Trump has lost $1 billion in personal wealth since running for president. Some wealthy patrons are steering clear of Trump properties, saying the country club experience is now ruined ‘by metal detectors and bomb-sniffing dogs.’ “
Plus, remember his company has ceased any international development since the election and won’t do any until he leaves office.
So next time you hear someone say “investigate Hunter Biden, are you serious, its the Trump kids profiting”, you can say let’s investigate them all. Chelsea Clinton, too, and see who profited. I would like to know, wouldn’t you?

The Wall Street Journal had this solution to student debt:


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