Happy New Year – And…

With wishes to all for good health, happiness and a safe new year we offer our first post of 2020. Though it was relatively quiet, for the Trump years, here are some stories you may have missed in your celebrations. 

Impeachment News:

Nancy Pelosi still hasn’t sent the articles of impeachment to the senate. We think she is holding it to assure the trial is on when the President does the State of The Union to try and embarrass him.

You heard, no doubt, that Senators Murkowski and Collins may be wavering in their support of the President. They will get much coverage. 

Did you hear that that Democrat candidate Tulsi Gabbard bucked the Democratic Party on impeachment? She said impeachment “has greatly increased the likelihood that Donald Trump will remain the president for the next five years.” She added that the impeachment increases the prospects not only for his reelection but a return to Washington with a Republican House and Senate. 

You may have seen Chuck Schumer yelling about Mitch O’Connell and others who have “made up their mind.”  Of course he was silent with the 104 House members who had already voted to impeach, and then there was this: in 1998 running for his senate seat he said during the campaign that a vote for him would be a vote to “not impeach Clinton.” My how time changes things.

O’Connell had this retort: “Do you think Chuck Schumer is impartial? Do you think Elizabeth Warren is impartial? Bernie Sanders is impartial? So let’s quit the charade. This is a political exercise. All I’m asking of Schumer is that we treat Trump the same way we treated Clinton.” 

The Front Page of the ARIZONA REPUBLIC had an interesting headline one day. It said: “Would McCain have voted to convict?  Interesting question isn’t it? 

While the front page of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (In Swing State Wisconsin) had this headline: “‘Nakedly partisan … disrespectful’: Impeachment of Trump echoes that of Clinton”

How’s all the impeachment talk impacting fund raising?  In their latest releases the RNC raised $20.6 million and the DNC raised $8 million. … The DCCC raised $9 million, the NRCC raised $6.7 million. … The NRSC raised $6.2 million and the DSCC raised $5.7 million. In Cash On HandRNC – $63 million, DCCC – $47 million, NRCC – $29 million, NRSC – $18 million, DNC – $8.3 million.

Some Presidential Stories that you may have not seen (that may be positive):

In an area that has contributed mightily to the economy it was reported that the administration issued the fewest new regulations during 2019 than in any year since the government began keeping track more than four decades ago.
The Federal Register for Dec. 31 has published 2,964 final rules in its pages, the lowest number since records began in 1975. By the way three of the lowest-ever annual rule counts belong to the first three Trump years.

“Space Force came to be a reality, another win for President Trump. He signed the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act that included the establishment of Space Force, the sixth military force.

The President signed an anti robo call law into place that should help reduce the torrent of unwanted calls.The new law gives authorities more enforcement powers and could speed up measures the industry is already taking to identify robocalls. And when phone companies block robocalls, they must do so without charging consumers.

The President said that he will sign “phase one” of a trade deal with China on Jan. 15 at the White House and will travel to Beijing later in the year for talks on a larger agreement.

Political News:

Did you see Mike Bloomberg’s plan to turn the East Room of the White House into an open-office workspace filled with cubicles? He said “I’ll turn the East Room into an open office plan, where I’ll sit with our team.”  This was met with major disapproval in social media and is hurting him. 

Corey Lewandowski announced Tuesday he won’t run for a U.S. Senate seat in New Hampshire. We didn’t think he could win if he did.

New population numbers were released. Southern and western states will gain congressional seats at the expense of the Northeast. California will also lose a seat. Texas is poised to gain three seats, Florida two. Arizona, Colorado, Montana, North Carolina and Oregon are expected to add one. Losing seats are expected to be Illinois, Minnesota, New York, Ohio Pennsylvania  and Rhode Island.

Did you see the Holiday Picture release by Joe Biden? He shared a greeting on Christmas. The picture showed Joe Biden flanked by his wife, Jill, their daughter, Ashley, and several of their grandchildren — including Hunter’s three daughters, Naomi, Finnegan and Maisy. Absent was Biden’s son Hunter and ­ his wife Melissa, who is pregnant with Hunter’s fifth child. Wonder why?
Later he released another post and paid homage to his German shepherds, sharing a 47-second video of his dogs, Champ and Major, chomping on Christmas toys. “When we say Merry Christmas from the entire Biden family, that means even the dogs.” Just not Hunter I guess. 

That wasn’t the only political person left out of the family photo. Queen Elizabeth II delivered her annual Christmas speech on Wednesday with photos of the royals proudly displayed on the table. Prince Andrew (he of the Jeffrey Epstein mess) was missing.

Remember all the coverage on the magazine Christianity Today saying the President should be impeached? Did you hear this? Mark Galli the editor of it resigned. Not much coverage that I saw. 

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez out campagining for Bernie Sanders said that the U.S. is “not an advanced society” and is “evolving into fascism we need to fight to start this work, the establishment of an advanced society.”

Did you hear an allegedly regretful Trump voter in Pennsylvania, highlighted in videos by a Democratic political action committee and by The New York Times, never actually voted in 2016? After checking county voting records it was found the featured person did not vote in the presidential election three years ago. A Democratic PAC ran the ads as part of a $5 million advertising campaign in the battleground states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Other News:

You heard about the attack on our embassy in Bagdad. Here’s a story you may have missed. ISIS terrorists beheaded 11 Christian hostages on Christmas Day in Nigeria. They released a video that the mass killing was in revenge for the deaths “of our leaders, including Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi”.

The budget deficit will be an issue at some time. When you hear about it consider this:  The CBO says tax re­ceipts grew 4% last fis­cal year, (through Sep­tember) and 3% in the first two months this year. Eco­nomic growth is feed­ing the Trea­sury. But spend­ing is grow­ing much faster. Maybe the bud­get prob­lem isn’t a short­age of revenue but spending? 

There was a lot of talk about Baltimore this year. Well they broke their annual per capita homicide record this year. 

A conservative website had these listed as some media hoaxes in 2019 and gave their reason why:
Covington Catholic Students, Jussie Smollett, Russian Collusion, Ukraine Quid Pro Quo, Army/Navy “White Supremacy”
What do they all have in common? Every one was intended to take down Trump. And every single one was fake news.

Well we’re off and running in 2020. The year you decide what kind of America we will be the next decade. 

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