They Think We’re Dumb….

If you’re like me you’ve had enough of the hypocrisy of Washington politics and this impeachment. They think we’re just plain dumb.

Today congress is going to pass a budget resolution bill to keep the government funded. No shut down blame this time.
Tomorrow they will vote on impeachment in the whole house. A partisan impeachment vote is exactly what this country doesn’t need.
Then on Thursday the full House will vote on the USMCA and pass it.
After that they go home for the holidays and relax.

So, the attempt by Pelosi and team is to say to the American people, see all we did? I told you we could impeach and legislate.

They think we’re all just dumb.
You can fool some of the people but not all of us.

The budget, you are proud of that? Proud to pass a resolution to keep the doors open this holiday season? Proud you took it to the last few days to do so? Proud you approved spending a trillion dollars more than we take in? Did you try and balance the budget? Did you actually bring it in balance by one dollar more? This you’re proud of?

Then you are voting on impeachment. You are proud you divided the country more? Proud you beat your party members to stay in line? (While trying to tell us you didn’t.) Proud that you convinced not one single opposition party member to join your vote? Proud you put the country through this? Proud that you started with “quid pro quo”, moved to “bribery” and ended up with two meaningless charges?

Finally on USMCA, you are proud? You took nine months to get this deal done. One that Mexico and Canada approved six months ago, and this is good for America. You do it on the last day you are in session for the year and the day after impeachment, and you expect people to applaud you?

This last week is a sham and I know the MSM will support you, but many of us will see right through this farce.

The other person who thinks American citizens are dumb is Chuck Schumer. Really Chuck, you are now demanding that the four witnesses who the House refused to go to the courts to force testimony, must now “testify at the senate trial or it isn’t fair?” You can go before the cameras and think we are that dense as to not see how silent you were during the whole House proceeding time, and two days before the vote you say this? Does that mean the House wasn’t fair?
What you just proved is what a sham this whole thing is and how you are playing for votes of those who can’t think.

Today, Chuck, you are meeting with Mitch O’Connell. I know after that you’ll run to a camera as you always do. Along the way take a look at what you said about the Clinton Impeachment. You see, then you said the Senate must work hand in hand with the White House on this trial. You know the same exact words Mitch used then you now say is so wrong. So Chuck, were you biased then or now? Or maybe both times?

In 2020, We The People get to choose our government going forward. Pay attention to what is going on with your representatives. We can’t change the media, except to pick what we watch and when we want too, but we can pick the leaders for our nation.

One more thing on Chuck Schumer. When not making a fool of himself on impeachment, he had a comment on the China deal. It was that President Trump “got played by the Chinese government”.
Think about that. Schumer was part of the government the entire time China was doing what it was and creating the mess. President Trump is the first one to take them on and Schumer said he was played and this is before he sees the deal!
Like I said, they think you and I are too dumb to figure it out.

some other notes

On Sunday, Chris Wallace buried James Comey on his statements he and team did everything right. If you didn’t see the interview, google it. It was embarrassing for Comey.
Now next he had Adam Schiff on, and Chris certainly backed off asking Adam the tough questions. Though he did ask why Schiff called Nunes a liar two years ago when Nunes said the FISA application was tampered with. Schiff took to the airwaves with MSM support and buried Nunes. Turns out now Nunes was 100% correct. Anyone see the MSM calling Schiff on this?
See, they think you’re too dumb to either understand it or figure it out.

You saw and heard that the single Democratic Congressman voting against the impeachment is looking to leave the party. Yesterday five of his senior aides resigned. They said they were “deeply saddened and disappointed by his decision”.

Mike Bloomberg taking some heat now. This story from ABC:
“Court records reviewed by ABC News indicate that at least 17 women have taken legal action against the company over the past three decades, with three of the cases specifically naming Bloomberg for his role in the company’s culture. None of the cases made it to trial – four were either dismissed or withdrawn, while five were settled out of court. Three cases remain active”.

One more thing that can impact 2020 is the President’s tax records. The NYC DA subpoenaed 10 years of the president’s tax records. The President and team refused to comply. The case reached the U.S. Supreme Court and it agreed to hear the case in March with a June decision expected.

Finally today is this information on the media:
The Pew Research Center collected data from 50 surveys and found that while Democrats continue to have faith in American media, Mr. Trump’s followers are quite done with it all.
The findings were released just days after the press received its latest black eye in the inspector general’s report looking at the FBI’s behavior during its investigation into Mr. Trump. The inspector general thoroughly punctured journalists who insisted that the Christopher Steele dossier had little to do with the FBI’s ability to obtain a secret warrant to spy on one of the candidate’s advisers.
Fueled by those sorts of media missteps, Mr. Trump’s followers are in full revolt against the press.
According to Pew, the stronger the support for the president, the harsher the attitude toward the Fourth Estate.
And the more knowledge about politics, the deeper the divide. A staggering 91% of politically woke Democrats say journalists are acting in the best interests of the public. Only 16% of politically astute Republicans say the same thing, Pew found.
Even Democrats, though, are skeptical of fairness in the press. Just 37% said news organizations deal fairly with all sides. Among Republicans, only 12% thought so.
The more Republicans support Mr. Trump, the less likely they are to see journalists as fair or credible.

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