It Was And Will Be A Week

On Friday the President in the Oval Office said: “This has been a wild week.”
It was, and guess what? This week will be another. So buckle up.

Think of what happened last week to impact your life.
USMCA was moved forward. An agreement on a step forward with China was reached, as tariffs scheduled for Sunday were eliminated and others reduced. An agreement on a budget to avoid a shutdown was quietly reached. Boris Johnson won in England and Brexit will happen, meaning another positive trade deal is coming. The signals from the economy all pointed up. The market hit new highs all week. The I.G. Report finally came out and we learned a lot about how the Russian Collusion thought began and then maintained momentum. There was plenty to argue from both sides.
That’s a ton of news and oh yea, the Judiciary committee voted to impeach the President.

Think about all that. It reminds me of that little kid’s game — which one of these doesn’t belong with the others.

In either case, quite a week don’t you agree?

Now welcome to this week which promises to be as wild.
The full House will be asked to vote on impeachment, and it appears for only the third time in our history move a recommendation to do so to the Senate.
The Republicans seem to be united in voting against it and the question is how many Democrats cross lines to vote “no”. It appears as of this morning one Democrat is switching parties. Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey.
Drew had announced he was against impeachment and immediately he faced a Democratic primary challenge in which the polls showed he would be beaten badly. Remember this district voted for President Trump in 2016. Thus he is switching parties hoping to hold his seat.
He represents the dilemma that the 31 Democratic Reps in Trump voting districts face. They go against the party, they will face primaries and will likely be defeated. They vote to impeach and they face general election defeat. I guess that’s the old “between a rock and a hard place” problem.

The full House will vote on the agreed to USMCA. It should be moved to the Senate and the vote will be right after the impeachment one, as the Democrats try to show they can impeach and legislate.

Before that they will pass the continuing budget resolution and pass that to the Senate to avoid any government shut down.

Then the next Democratic debate is set for Thursday this week. It has seven qualifers, as they keep narrowing the field.
Now if you don’t qualify, what do you do? Well in Cory Bookers case you lead the charge to get the rules changed. See the rules are good until they aren’t for you. The others who didn’t qualify for the debates he did, well the rules were the rules then.

Plus the President makes news every day, sometimes every hour and with all that is happening this week you will hear from him a lot.

The NYT Editorial on Sunday:
Impeach Donald Trump
It’s time for the House of Representatives to do its constitutional duty.

Remember this publication last endorsed a Republican for President in 1956. That’s sixteen Presidential elections ago, and I guess if they want this President impeached it isn’t changing this year.

Have a great day and buckle up for a week of big news.

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