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So they really pulled the trigger and are going forward to impeach. Not a good political move in my opinion. Maybe good for you to remain in control of your party, but not the country.

We heard so many charges from the outset of this presidency. It began right after the election:
Remember the movement to get electoral electors to not vote as their states did and vote for Hillary anyway?
Remember the Russian connection and the President was a Russian operative?
Remember the three years of collusion?
Remember the “quid pro quo” that turned into “bribery”?
Well the two counts of impeachment charges are none of those. It’s
1. Abuse of Power.
2. Obstruction of Congress.

I wonder how many of us think Congress just abused its power? You can count me in on that.
The obstruction is interesting too. Is it from the Mueller report and the President obstructing a crime that wasn’t committed? Or is it for refusing to play ball on this Ukraine situation? I’m not sure, and I don’t know if anyone does. They may tell us today.
I assume it is from the Ukraine situation. Well you got the transcript of the call, that wasn’t enough?
And, like charge one, I think this applies to congress. Who is the whistleblower? Did he talk to Schiff and team? Was this charge a set up?

I think Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Jerold Nadler may lead this impeachment, but in the end they may have set up the American people to impeach their party from control of the House.

In the first 200 years of our nation we had one impeachment trial. In my lifetime, and I am guessing many of you reading this, we will have had three major impeachment events. (Nixon, Clinton, Trump). That tells you a lot about who we are. I don’t think history is going to judge us well.

As predicted Nancy and the House immediately tried to show how they were getting things done. Here comes USMCA (only months late). The move is to provide cover. Give people the impression they are doing things despite this impeachable President. You know it will fool many (with the support of the MSM), but I don’t think the majority of us. I think they went too far this time.
The other reason for the action on the same day as the impeachment announcement is this. USMCA is a signature moment for the Trump presidency. They are hoping impeachment on the same day engulfs that message.

IG Horowitz is on live today to review his report. The Democrats will keep reinforcing that there was “no coup attempt, right? the President lied, right?” Republicans will focus on the 17 mistakes and failed FISA control.
More interesting is what Special Prosecutor Durham said about the IG report:
He’s reached a different conclusion.“Based on the evidence collected to date, and while our investigation is ongoing, last month we advised the Inspector General that we do not agree with some of the report’s conclusions as to predication and how the FBI case was opened,” Mr. Durham said in a statement. Mr. Durham noted the inspector general’s authority was limited to information within the Justice Department, while his investigation culled evidence from “other persons and entities both in the U.S. and outside of the U.S.”

Interesting. AG Barr said the same yesterday in a far reaching interview with the WSJ. The Durham report could be most interesting.

Remember the Democratic House members who were saying they were against impeachment? They have been silenced by Nancy Pelosi. They are refusing interviews, now saying they “are busy”. Let’s see how many desert the party on the vote.

By the way, in announcing the plan to impeach did you notice who was on stage? It was:
Notice they are all from California and New York?

How’s this playing already? Look at this story out today:
As House Democrats continue to increase the pressure in their impeachment inquiry of President Trump, his numbers are rising in battleground states where he’s now ahead of the top Democrats in the 2020 field.
Mr. Trump saw a big boost in his numbers when compared to the Democratic front-runner former Vice President Joseph R. Biden in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, according to polling done last week by Firehouse Strategies.
In March, Mr. Trump was down 12 points to Mr. Biden in Wisconsin, seven points in Pennsylvania and nearly tied in Michigan. But with the impeachment inquiry ongoing, Mr. Trump now leads Mr. Biden by nine points in Wisconsin, five points in Michigan and four points in Pennsylvania.

some other news:

The Trump administration finalized a rule on Wednesday that would remove it’s estimated 700,000 from the federal food-stamp program. They will do this by strictly enforcing work requirements, arguing that assistance to unemployed, able-bodied adults was not necessary in a strong economy. The administration would press states to impose work requirements that governors had been allowed to waive.
The rule takes effective on April 1, and is expected to save nearly $5.5 billion over five years.

A second thing lost in all this news is:
Attorney General William Barr warned that communities must defer to the police or risk losing protection. “They have to start showing, more than they do, the respect and support that law enforcement deserves,” he said.

Let’s see how today’s IG hearing goes. Have a great day.

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