An Ugly Day…

If you saw any part of the hearing yesterday you know it was a partisan ugly hearing, that tells you the state of politics in our nation. Both sides were dug in, no one was giving anything and no matter how many votes they took it was 24-17 matching the number of Democrats and Republicans on the committee. Not one person at any point broke rank.
In the end no minds were changed and that means we are headed down the same track we began the day. No doubt those supporting impeachment want this going forward and done. Those supporting the President are as adamant that this was just another attempt to overturn the 2016 election.
Those in biggest jeopardy are the House members who represent districts that may not agree with the party they represent. If this comes to a vote they have to make a decision and it may cost them.

Just to recap in case you missed the hearing. The Democrats called three law professors. One served in the Obama DOJ. The second served in the Clinton administration and as counsel for Senator Pat Leahy. The third wrote an article in 2017 for the NYT looking for reasons to impeach Trump.
The fourth, Jonathan Turley was called by the Republicans and he was the sole panelist against impeachment.
None of the four voted for President Trump in 2016. Three admitted donating to Democratic Presidential Candidates.
So not a pro administration panel and the three were clear in their vehemence against the administration. I think one in particular came across too angry, Pamela Karlan. Her remarks about the President’s young son was the low point of a low day. When you have to apologize after the hearing you are a panelist on, you lost.

What comes to mind is an old saying — You don’t worry about criticism from people you wouldn’t seek advice from.”

I thought Turley had the memorable line of the day for his supporters.
“If you impeach a president, if you make a high crime and misdemeanor out of going to the courts, it is an abuse of power. It’s your abuse of power. You’re doing exactly what you’re criticizing the president of doing.”
It was that kind of day, but the spin the public will get will depend on who, what, and where they get their news.

In my opinion, in the end this did not move impeachment forward. The Democrats are digging themselves a hole. They are in a rush. If they truly believe they have an impeachment case they should go to court to get the Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and former NSC Head John Bolton. They need evidence, but they won’t do it because it would take time. Poor management here and it may come back to bite.


Well the session ended with a moment to remember. A hot mic and some joking about our President and he walks from the final press conference.
The MSM can spin this in any manner they want. The President pressuring the other leaders to live up to their commitments and agreement and pay their share of defense funds is fine with me. While those leaders might prefer someone apologizing for America, I love a leader putting us first. Keep your word and pay your bill. If you don’t like it, leave NATO and go on your own. See what happens, but I suggest you check the history books first.
By the way, the White House supplied these numbers:
Countries other than the U.S. have agreed to pay 130 Billion Dollars more per year, and by 2024, that number will be 400 Billion Dollars.
Without the pressure who would be paying?

other news

Get ready, this story was in the WSJ.
The Trump administration is set to tighten work requirements for recipients of federal food aid, potentially rendering hundreds of thousands of people ineligible for the program by mid-2020.

This also from the WSJ on USMCA concerning Democratic demands:
Mexico’s government and business leaders are voicing opposition to a key demand of U.S. Democratic lawmakers in a renegotiated North American trade pact, jeopardizing the deal’s passage this year.
Funny isn’t it? NATO was good enough for them until we negotiated a better deal and 170,000 more American jobs.

Where’s Rudy? Well the NYT has this story:
Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer, is in Europe this week to talk with former Ukrainian prosecutors for a documentary series intended to debunk the impeachment case.

For the next Democratic debate we have six candiates who have qualified for the stage (with Harris gone). They are: Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg,, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, Tom Steyer, and Elizabeth Warren. 
Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang have made the donor mark but are one poll short of qualifying.
Looking like he won’t qualify are Cory Booker and Julian Castro.


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