Month: December 2019

Wait. What?

Editors Note:
Congress has gone home for the year and as we enter the holiday period we will take a break too. We want to wish you and yours the best of the season and year ahead. We thank you for your readership and support, and know 2020 will be an exciting year.

wait. what?

Wait, after the absolute rush, cutting corners in any manner and getting a vote in the day before they break for the year, they don’t pass the articles to the senate? I thought the President’s action was so grievous that this couldn’t wait?
Wait, did you say the senate must call the witnesses you wouldn’t wait for? You think Mitch O’Connell and the senate are going to do what you refused? In what universe do you think they will do extra work in an act they think is ill served to start with? Don’t you understand it was your job to prove the case to a skeptical senate?

I can’t explain the logic behind holding this, and Nancy Pelosi wouldn’t talk about it yesterday in her press conference. After three months of constant daily chatter about why the President had to go, she refused to take any questions the day after the House passed the articles.

We can assume those so focused on the President being impeached will see no wrong here, but I have trouble seeing any right here. With Congress out for the year we’ll have to wait until January for the next chapter. So much for urgent.

The democratic debate last night

The first hour was kind of ho hum with softball questions like how come more people are not for impeachment. Then hour two came and the candidates opened up on each other. It got interesting. With only seven on the stage, there was more time. The moderators seemed to lose control at times as those attacked went after those attacking. So who won and lost?
I think Amy Klobuchar won the night with her reasoned answers and acting like the adult in the room.
Andrew Wang was smart, quick and even deviated from the party line on impeachment. His answer there was so pertinent to what the focus should be.
I thought Joe Biden had his best debate, but just held ground. His “middle class is getting killed” will bury him in the general election.
Mayor Pete got into it as he was attacked. He was great answering Elizabeth Warren on fund raising, but Klobucher buried him on his statewide run.
Bernie appealed to his base, but did not have any memorable moment.
I thought Elizabeth Warren had a bad night. She created what will be the most covered moment criticizing the “Wine Cave” fund raiser, to which Mayor Pete counter attacked her wealth.
Tom Steyer was there.

The next debate is in January. One more debate and then the Iowa Caucus and New Hampshire primary are set to go. If Nancy brings the articles to the senate in early January, then Warren, Sanders and Klobucher will be off the trail. Which makes the whole thing even more confusing.

some additional news bits

Edward Snowden, you remember him and the released secret documents to the media . Well he wrote a book on his actions to make some money and the federal government took him to court to deny him the funds. The judge ruled that he is not entitled to receive proceeds from the sale of his memoir. He said the U.S. government is entitled to collect any money he makes off his memoir and related public events, citing agreements Snowden, a former intelligence contractor, entered into with the CIA and National Security Agency.

You know how President Trump is either a Russian agent or beholden to Putin according to many of his detractors? Well look at this story and tell me how it fits:
German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday criticized a Trump administration move to impose sanctions related to a controversial new Russian-German gas pipeline, signaling that she wants discussions with Washington but declining to threaten retaliation.
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman said that the U.S. government’s move violates international law and that the project will be completed regardless of the new American sanctions.
The U.S. has been an outspoken opponent of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which will transport natural gas about 750 miles under the Baltic Sea from Russia to Germany. Along with Eastern European countries that also oppose the project, the U.S. government argues that it will increase Europe’s dependence on Russia for energy.

Think you’ll much about this in the media?

The House passed USMCA on its last day in session. The vote was 385-41. Isn’t it fair to ask what took it so long? Why did we have to wait until the last hour of this congressional session? Where is the outrage over holding this up for almost a year?
And now Nancy Pelosi, backed by some in her party say this is “her deal”. Really? How many times did you bring this up in the eight years of the Obama administration? Or, the Bush one? How many times did you meet with the Mexican and Canadian negotiation teams the past three years?
Let’s just call this a better deal for America and be happy for the jobs it will create.

Finally, the House and Senate approved a pair of spending packages Thursday, authorizing $1.4 trillion in spending and avoiding a government shutdown that had loomed Friday. Amazing what congress can do when all that separates them from vacation is a vote or two.

Our best wishes to you and yours as we head to the holiday week.

So last night…

So last night as the vote came in my phone rang. It was my 14 year old Grandson who had just watched the proceedings and wanted to talk about them. The first thing that ran through my mind was, how do you explain this to a fourteen year old? How do you present it fairly while assuring he maintains his belief in our nation and its values? How do you make him understand this is not normal and in this greatest nation on earth, this is abnormal? Can I even say that, because this may very well become the norm?
Think about that and what you would say. You don’t want to influence his thought, you want him making his own decision.

With that thought, I raise another question to you the reader. If the generation of our parents and grandparents was called “The Greatest Generation”, what would you call the generation that came of age in the 60’s? This is the generation running our nation now. How do they measure up?

I go back to Tom Brokow’s book that named them “The Greatest Generation”. In it he wrote that when asked what their greatest regret was, they gave an interesting answer. It was that because they had so little, they wanted to assure their children had everything, and along the way they forgot to teach them values. They called that their biggest mistake as they watched the 60’s develop.

So here we are. A straight partisan vote to impeach, something no generation before us would ever conceive. A party that says we do this with heavy hearts and prayerful thought, when they talked about it since election day three years ago. A party that brought a vote on impeachment four times before wants us to believe they didn’t want to do this. Now if you believe that, then the “Greatest Generation” also raised some naive individuals.
On the other side, a shoot from the lip President, certainly gives them the ammunition to call him unhinged. He doesn’t have that button that says “maybe I shouldn’t say or tweet this”. His lip and fingers work before that kicks in. The Greatest Generation had a war slogan that applies here. “Loose lips sink ships”.

Thus the mess we have. A booming economy, with unemployment rates at their lowest in fifty years. A stock market that has a Dow at 28,000 after all these years – up 10,000 since in the President’s election day. That’s 35% of the total Dow in three years. Trade deals that everyone complained about with Mexico, Canada, China and the Asia Pacific region, adjusted and made better. No one before him could do that. Manufacturing jobs that the past President said you would need a magic wand for coming back. We are self sufficient in energy and oil, and the prices are down. ISIS, which we thought was here to stay, is limited and on the run. Remember the threat they were? We are exiting other wars and telling the world to pay their fair share. Who could argue with that except those other countries? I guess his “America First” focus also angered them (and some of our representatives for some reason), but sits well with most Americans.

Yet we end up here with an impeachment. How do you explain to a young grandchild? How will history explain it? In your opinion, was the President really trying to buy the 2020 election in asking for an investigation? Was that call really impeachable? Well 48% of us in todays WSJ poll say yes, and 48% say no.
Does anyone think that maybe (since this call was the day after the Mueller report release) after three years the President wanted to know why and what caused this three year investigation that exonerated him?
While on the subject, does anyone care about why Hunter Biden got the money he did for years from the Ukraine and China, the two countries his father was in charge of?
I imagine 48% of us do and 48% don’t.

The answer to all this, in the end, will be determined by you and our fellow citizens in November 2020. We will decide what kind of country we have.


Yesterday  Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz testified yesterday before a Senate panel. There was not much coverage that I saw. He made it clear that the FBI’s top brass has not been cleared of wrongdoing for the slew of errors in the agency’s collusion probe and serious questions remain. He said: “There are so many errors, we couldn’t reach a conclusion or make a determination on what motivated those failures…” He added this on the FISA applications. “How did all these failures in the FISA process — that is layered with all these controls — happen and why? At this stage, we didn’t get good explanations on that and that is something we would have liked to have had good explanations about.”
As we’ve stated before, the Durham report is the one to wait for.

That same poll in the WSJ cited above had these numbers for the Democratic Primary:
Joe Biden was the top choice at 28%. Senator Sanders had 21%, and Sen. Warren had 18%. No other candidate had double-digit support.

While tonight the Dems debate for the final time this year. Seven candidates made the stage. They’re complaining they have no diversity on the stage. Well they have two women, an Asian, and a gay man. I guess that doesn’t count.

House Impeachment Day…

It has been a foregone conclusion that the House would vote to impeach in a partisan manner. Today they will.
It will be a part of the President’s historic record as he becomes the third President ever to be impeached.
But it will also be a part of Speaker Pelosi’s record because of the partisan manner in which it was done, and the lack of a crime identified.
I think history will treat this in a negative manner.
The question is what will the people do when they vote this November?
You have the vote (and the ability to register others) to impact that story. If Pelosi loses her speakership, the verdict will be in.

Here’s one other thought today on why I think the media is so prejudiced.
You know of the 90%+ negative coverage of the President despite the good news in our nation. Now consider this:
Yesterday the FISA judge made a statement condemning the FBI on its false representations to it over the whole Russian collusion story.
Pretty big news right? FISA judge speaks and condemns the FBI – wow.
You know who never covered it last night on their news shows? ABC, CBS and NBC.
Can you believe tha,t and doesn’t it tell you all you need to know about the media?
Here’s part of what the judge said:
“The frequency with which representations made by FBI personnel turned out to be unsupported or contradicted by information in their possession, and which they withheld information detrimental to their case, calls into question whether information contained in other FBI applications is reliable.”
People in their news divisions thought this was not news.

Hope you have a safe and good day.

They Think We’re Dumb….

If you’re like me you’ve had enough of the hypocrisy of Washington politics and this impeachment. They think we’re just plain dumb.

Today congress is going to pass a budget resolution bill to keep the government funded. No shut down blame this time.
Tomorrow they will vote on impeachment in the whole house. A partisan impeachment vote is exactly what this country doesn’t need.
Then on Thursday the full House will vote on the USMCA and pass it.
After that they go home for the holidays and relax.

So, the attempt by Pelosi and team is to say to the American people, see all we did? I told you we could impeach and legislate.

They think we’re all just dumb.
You can fool some of the people but not all of us.

The budget, you are proud of that? Proud to pass a resolution to keep the doors open this holiday season? Proud you took it to the last few days to do so? Proud you approved spending a trillion dollars more than we take in? Did you try and balance the budget? Did you actually bring it in balance by one dollar more? This you’re proud of?

Then you are voting on impeachment. You are proud you divided the country more? Proud you beat your party members to stay in line? (While trying to tell us you didn’t.) Proud that you convinced not one single opposition party member to join your vote? Proud you put the country through this? Proud that you started with “quid pro quo”, moved to “bribery” and ended up with two meaningless charges?

Finally on USMCA, you are proud? You took nine months to get this deal done. One that Mexico and Canada approved six months ago, and this is good for America. You do it on the last day you are in session for the year and the day after impeachment, and you expect people to applaud you?

This last week is a sham and I know the MSM will support you, but many of us will see right through this farce.

The other person who thinks American citizens are dumb is Chuck Schumer. Really Chuck, you are now demanding that the four witnesses who the House refused to go to the courts to force testimony, must now “testify at the senate trial or it isn’t fair?” You can go before the cameras and think we are that dense as to not see how silent you were during the whole House proceeding time, and two days before the vote you say this? Does that mean the House wasn’t fair?
What you just proved is what a sham this whole thing is and how you are playing for votes of those who can’t think.

Today, Chuck, you are meeting with Mitch O’Connell. I know after that you’ll run to a camera as you always do. Along the way take a look at what you said about the Clinton Impeachment. You see, then you said the Senate must work hand in hand with the White House on this trial. You know the same exact words Mitch used then you now say is so wrong. So Chuck, were you biased then or now? Or maybe both times?

In 2020, We The People get to choose our government going forward. Pay attention to what is going on with your representatives. We can’t change the media, except to pick what we watch and when we want too, but we can pick the leaders for our nation.

One more thing on Chuck Schumer. When not making a fool of himself on impeachment, he had a comment on the China deal. It was that President Trump “got played by the Chinese government”.
Think about that. Schumer was part of the government the entire time China was doing what it was and creating the mess. President Trump is the first one to take them on and Schumer said he was played and this is before he sees the deal!
Like I said, they think you and I are too dumb to figure it out.

some other notes

On Sunday, Chris Wallace buried James Comey on his statements he and team did everything right. If you didn’t see the interview, google it. It was embarrassing for Comey.
Now next he had Adam Schiff on, and Chris certainly backed off asking Adam the tough questions. Though he did ask why Schiff called Nunes a liar two years ago when Nunes said the FISA application was tampered with. Schiff took to the airwaves with MSM support and buried Nunes. Turns out now Nunes was 100% correct. Anyone see the MSM calling Schiff on this?
See, they think you’re too dumb to either understand it or figure it out.

You saw and heard that the single Democratic Congressman voting against the impeachment is looking to leave the party. Yesterday five of his senior aides resigned. They said they were “deeply saddened and disappointed by his decision”.

Mike Bloomberg taking some heat now. This story from ABC:
“Court records reviewed by ABC News indicate that at least 17 women have taken legal action against the company over the past three decades, with three of the cases specifically naming Bloomberg for his role in the company’s culture. None of the cases made it to trial – four were either dismissed or withdrawn, while five were settled out of court. Three cases remain active”.

One more thing that can impact 2020 is the President’s tax records. The NYC DA subpoenaed 10 years of the president’s tax records. The President and team refused to comply. The case reached the U.S. Supreme Court and it agreed to hear the case in March with a June decision expected.

Finally today is this information on the media:
The Pew Research Center collected data from 50 surveys and found that while Democrats continue to have faith in American media, Mr. Trump’s followers are quite done with it all.
The findings were released just days after the press received its latest black eye in the inspector general’s report looking at the FBI’s behavior during its investigation into Mr. Trump. The inspector general thoroughly punctured journalists who insisted that the Christopher Steele dossier had little to do with the FBI’s ability to obtain a secret warrant to spy on one of the candidate’s advisers.
Fueled by those sorts of media missteps, Mr. Trump’s followers are in full revolt against the press.
According to Pew, the stronger the support for the president, the harsher the attitude toward the Fourth Estate.
And the more knowledge about politics, the deeper the divide. A staggering 91% of politically woke Democrats say journalists are acting in the best interests of the public. Only 16% of politically astute Republicans say the same thing, Pew found.
Even Democrats, though, are skeptical of fairness in the press. Just 37% said news organizations deal fairly with all sides. Among Republicans, only 12% thought so.
The more Republicans support Mr. Trump, the less likely they are to see journalists as fair or credible.

It Was And Will Be A Week

On Friday the President in the Oval Office said: “This has been a wild week.”
It was, and guess what? This week will be another. So buckle up.

Think of what happened last week to impact your life.
USMCA was moved forward. An agreement on a step forward with China was reached, as tariffs scheduled for Sunday were eliminated and others reduced. An agreement on a budget to avoid a shutdown was quietly reached. Boris Johnson won in England and Brexit will happen, meaning another positive trade deal is coming. The signals from the economy all pointed up. The market hit new highs all week. The I.G. Report finally came out and we learned a lot about how the Russian Collusion thought began and then maintained momentum. There was plenty to argue from both sides.
That’s a ton of news and oh yea, the Judiciary committee voted to impeach the President.

Think about all that. It reminds me of that little kid’s game — which one of these doesn’t belong with the others.

In either case, quite a week don’t you agree?

Now welcome to this week which promises to be as wild.
The full House will be asked to vote on impeachment, and it appears for only the third time in our history move a recommendation to do so to the Senate.
The Republicans seem to be united in voting against it and the question is how many Democrats cross lines to vote “no”. It appears as of this morning one Democrat is switching parties. Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey.
Drew had announced he was against impeachment and immediately he faced a Democratic primary challenge in which the polls showed he would be beaten badly. Remember this district voted for President Trump in 2016. Thus he is switching parties hoping to hold his seat.
He represents the dilemma that the 31 Democratic Reps in Trump voting districts face. They go against the party, they will face primaries and will likely be defeated. They vote to impeach and they face general election defeat. I guess that’s the old “between a rock and a hard place” problem.

The full House will vote on the agreed to USMCA. It should be moved to the Senate and the vote will be right after the impeachment one, as the Democrats try to show they can impeach and legislate.

Before that they will pass the continuing budget resolution and pass that to the Senate to avoid any government shut down.

Then the next Democratic debate is set for Thursday this week. It has seven qualifers, as they keep narrowing the field.
Now if you don’t qualify, what do you do? Well in Cory Bookers case you lead the charge to get the rules changed. See the rules are good until they aren’t for you. The others who didn’t qualify for the debates he did, well the rules were the rules then.

Plus the President makes news every day, sometimes every hour and with all that is happening this week you will hear from him a lot.

The NYT Editorial on Sunday:
Impeach Donald Trump
It’s time for the House of Representatives to do its constitutional duty.

Remember this publication last endorsed a Republican for President in 1956. That’s sixteen Presidential elections ago, and I guess if they want this President impeached it isn’t changing this year.

Have a great day and buckle up for a week of big news.

This n That…

A little this and that this Friday morning as the House Judiciary Committee has decided to move forward.

  • Now we’ll wait and see what the 31 House Members in districts the President won do. How many choose self preservation and vote no?
  • Will any Republicans fold and vote to impeach?
  • When it moves to the senate what do the senators up for reelection do?
    Does Romney vote against the President?
    Can Susan Collins win no matter how she votes in Maine?
    What about Martha McSally in Arizona?
    On the other side what does Doug Jones as a Democrat do in Alabama?
  • The drama of the Senate is not in the total vote, but in individual ones.

    Here’s some info/stats you might find interesting on this impeachment:
  • Democrats have based this impeachment entirely on President Trump’s July 25th phone call with the Ukrainian President right?
  • Do you realize that that 104 current Democrats voted to impeach the President long before that call? Remember they had votes before this.
  • That’s 104 (out of 233 current Democrats) representing 44% of the entire caucus.
  • One of those 104 is — Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler.
    He of the “pained vote” this time had voted before. Anyone falling for his act should be embarrassed.
  • And add this — 16 other Democrats on the Judiciary had already voted for impeachment.


The President’s Campaign said this yesterday:
“They have ignited a flame underneath that, with 300-some days to go, actually makes our job easier in some ways. This lit up our base. I think it’s a huge miscalculation by [Democrats].”
They added, “not only is impeachment generating more campaign volunteers and cash donations, it’s swaying independent voters in swing states who want the election, instead of an impeachment investigation, to decide who is the next president.”

From the WSJ:
“Plans for a Democratic presidential debate in January have been complicated by the expected Senate impeachment trial. The Democratic National Committee is struggling to settle on a date, a decision also complicated by the NFL playoffs.”

Politico reports this on the impeachment vote:
”Democratic leaders are privately expecting no more than a half-dozen defections on next week’s vote to impeach President Donald Trump, even as many of their most endangered lawmakers remain publicly mum on their decision.

Alan Dershowitz, who has been critical of Democratic attempts to impeach the President, wrote this:
“The Democrats have now announced that they intend to propose only two grounds for impeachment: abuse of power and obstruction of congress. Neither is specified as a ground for impeachment in the constitution. Neither is a high crime and misdemeanor. They have apparently dropped the only specified ground, namely bribery. A vote to impeach President Trump on grounds not specified in the constitution would be unconstitutional and void.”


The Washington Post reports this:
“Former Attorney General Eric Holder writes that current Attorney General William Barr is doing “lasting damage” with his conduct in office.”
Really? Barr is doing that? Funny, so many think Holder’s complete support of President Obama did more damage.

The President continues to have an impact on the courts. He got his 50th pick through the senate this week. How significant is that for his his first three years? Well it’s only five short of President Obama’s record of 55 over an eight-year period.
With Mitch O’Connell he has filled virtually every vacancy in the powerful appellate court system.
Next they are going to try and fill 18 district level (lifetime) judges before Congress breaks next week.
Does it matter? See next story.

Joe Biden pledged to undo much of President Trump’s immigration policy in a new plan. So if you liked the past open door policy you have a choice.

Meanwhile a Clinton appointed judge yesterday ruled against the administration diverting billions of dollars earmarked for the Pentagon to build the border wall. Remember when they transferred funds?
The judge halted $3.6 billion that the President sought to move from the Defense Department for wall construction, based on his declaration of a border national emergency.
The administration of course is going to appeal to a higher court. Remember all those appointments they have made? It makes a difference.

This from the Washington Times:
 A high-level defector from Kim Jong-un’s regime has sent a letter to President Trump warning that he has been “tricked” into believing the North Korean leader will ever denuclearize and that Washington should instead ramp up a “psychological warfare campaign” aimed at inspiring North Korea’s elites to replace the young dictator from within.

This from the Washington Examiner on one of “The Squad”:
Rep. Rashida Tlaib deleted a tweet Thursday morning that blamed “white supremacy” on the mass shooting this week at a kosher supermarket in New Jersey. “This is heartbreaking. White supremacy kills,” Ms. Tlaib, a Michigan Democrat, wrote from her personal Twitter account.
You may remember her, she was one who on election night said “we are going to impeach the Mother F____”.

Have a great Friday and weekend.

The I.G. Speaks And …

Yesterday we wrote of the planned I.G. Congressional Session:
“I.G. Horowitz is on live today to review his report. The Democrats will keep reinforcing there was “no coup attempt, right”? the President lied, right?” Republicans will focus on the 17 mistakes and failed FISA control.

Well that is exactly what happened as both sides got their pound of flesh:

I think every Democratic senator went back to “there was a reason to open the investigation, right?” The answer over and over was “yes.” So they can say this was not a coup, the I.G. found every reason to investigate.

The Republicans will clearly have arguments on the FISA process being misused. In fact, a lawyer for the FBI actually changed an answer to the question on the application from “yes” to “no” on whether Carter Page worked for the CIA. You will hear a lot about that. It changed everything.

They sparred over whether the Trump Campaign was spied upon. Horowitz was clear that if the definition of spying was placing someone inside the campaign, that did not happen. However, he did agree that officials went to talk to campaign officials and were wired. So that’s a fine line as to whether spying took place or not. 

As we said yesterday, we have to wait for the Durham report. That will be as close to the definitive answer as we will get. 

On Impeachment

Even with the rumors that ten or so Democratic congressional members do not favor impeachment (but want censure instead), it is going forward.
The President is facing two charges as you know. Presidents Nixon and Clinton faced three and four charges respectively. Andrew Johnson had 11 back in 1868.

Many on the left think two is too little. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Tuesday that the articles of impeachment against President Trump do not go far enough. She and others think the President got off too easy. Her quote: “Of course, I am in the camp where I feel that there should have been more articles”.

Rep. Al Green, a Texas Democrat who introduced articles of impeachment against the president three times, feels the same. He said:
“We can wait to see if the Senate will convict and remove. But if they don’t, then there’s still work to be done.”

So even when this ends it won’t end until the President leaves office.

By the way, a new Quinnipiac University poll (not a friendly administration poll) released showed a switch in impeachment support.
It found 51% of registered voters surveyed said they don’t want to see the president ousted through impeachment. That’s the first time the number has been above 50% since before the impeachment inquiry.
45% do want to see the president impeached and forced out.

some other news

Andrew Yang has become the seventh candidate to hit the benchmarks to qualify for the Democratic presidential debate later this month.
He joins Biden, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Sanders, Warren and Steyer.  
Candidates who have been on the stage but not qualifying are Booker, Castro and Tulsi Gabbard. (For her part Gabbard said, “I have decided not to attend the December 19th ‘debate’ — regardless of whether or not there are qualifying polls.”)
Others still running who will not be there are:
Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado, former New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, former Rep. John Delaney of Maryland, former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, and author Marianne Williamson.

Does this poll on the Catholic vote from EWTN surprise you?
47% of Catholics said they will never or are unlikely to vote for Mr. Trump, and 44% said they are sure or likely to vote for him.

Have a great day.

And We’re Off…

So they really pulled the trigger and are going forward to impeach. Not a good political move in my opinion. Maybe good for you to remain in control of your party, but not the country.

We heard so many charges from the outset of this presidency. It began right after the election:
Remember the movement to get electoral electors to not vote as their states did and vote for Hillary anyway?
Remember the Russian connection and the President was a Russian operative?
Remember the three years of collusion?
Remember the “quid pro quo” that turned into “bribery”?
Well the two counts of impeachment charges are none of those. It’s
1. Abuse of Power.
2. Obstruction of Congress.

I wonder how many of us think Congress just abused its power? You can count me in on that.
The obstruction is interesting too. Is it from the Mueller report and the President obstructing a crime that wasn’t committed? Or is it for refusing to play ball on this Ukraine situation? I’m not sure, and I don’t know if anyone does. They may tell us today.
I assume it is from the Ukraine situation. Well you got the transcript of the call, that wasn’t enough?
And, like charge one, I think this applies to congress. Who is the whistleblower? Did he talk to Schiff and team? Was this charge a set up?

I think Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Jerold Nadler may lead this impeachment, but in the end they may have set up the American people to impeach their party from control of the House.

In the first 200 years of our nation we had one impeachment trial. In my lifetime, and I am guessing many of you reading this, we will have had three major impeachment events. (Nixon, Clinton, Trump). That tells you a lot about who we are. I don’t think history is going to judge us well.

As predicted Nancy and the House immediately tried to show how they were getting things done. Here comes USMCA (only months late). The move is to provide cover. Give people the impression they are doing things despite this impeachable President. You know it will fool many (with the support of the MSM), but I don’t think the majority of us. I think they went too far this time.
The other reason for the action on the same day as the impeachment announcement is this. USMCA is a signature moment for the Trump presidency. They are hoping impeachment on the same day engulfs that message.

IG Horowitz is on live today to review his report. The Democrats will keep reinforcing that there was “no coup attempt, right? the President lied, right?” Republicans will focus on the 17 mistakes and failed FISA control.
More interesting is what Special Prosecutor Durham said about the IG report:
He’s reached a different conclusion.“Based on the evidence collected to date, and while our investigation is ongoing, last month we advised the Inspector General that we do not agree with some of the report’s conclusions as to predication and how the FBI case was opened,” Mr. Durham said in a statement. Mr. Durham noted the inspector general’s authority was limited to information within the Justice Department, while his investigation culled evidence from “other persons and entities both in the U.S. and outside of the U.S.”

Interesting. AG Barr said the same yesterday in a far reaching interview with the WSJ. The Durham report could be most interesting.

Remember the Democratic House members who were saying they were against impeachment? They have been silenced by Nancy Pelosi. They are refusing interviews, now saying they “are busy”. Let’s see how many desert the party on the vote.

By the way, in announcing the plan to impeach did you notice who was on stage? It was:
Notice they are all from California and New York?

How’s this playing already? Look at this story out today:
As House Democrats continue to increase the pressure in their impeachment inquiry of President Trump, his numbers are rising in battleground states where he’s now ahead of the top Democrats in the 2020 field.
Mr. Trump saw a big boost in his numbers when compared to the Democratic front-runner former Vice President Joseph R. Biden in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, according to polling done last week by Firehouse Strategies.
In March, Mr. Trump was down 12 points to Mr. Biden in Wisconsin, seven points in Pennsylvania and nearly tied in Michigan. But with the impeachment inquiry ongoing, Mr. Trump now leads Mr. Biden by nine points in Wisconsin, five points in Michigan and four points in Pennsylvania.

some other news:

The Trump administration finalized a rule on Wednesday that would remove it’s estimated 700,000 from the federal food-stamp program. They will do this by strictly enforcing work requirements, arguing that assistance to unemployed, able-bodied adults was not necessary in a strong economy. The administration would press states to impose work requirements that governors had been allowed to waive.
The rule takes effective on April 1, and is expected to save nearly $5.5 billion over five years.

A second thing lost in all this news is:
Attorney General William Barr warned that communities must defer to the police or risk losing protection. “They have to start showing, more than they do, the respect and support that law enforcement deserves,” he said.

Let’s see how today’s IG hearing goes. Have a great day.

So What Happened?

Let’s start with the hearing. If you watched that end to end what did you get besides angry, a neck ache from shaking your head and more confused than when you began? You got confusion and turned off TV’s.
I came out of it thinking not one mind was changed and the lines in the sand for both sides are deeper. From one side this President is the most crooked in history and must be impeached now before he conspires with foreign despots in the 2020 election.
From the other side you got this is the latest in a three year objective to overturn the 2016 election.

The same comments and facts, when presented from either side to their witnesses (in this case their lawyers, and one who amazingly turned from witness to questioner), resulted in polar analysis. It was an incredible amount of time that changed no ones mind. We have succeeded in dividing the country so deeply it will take a traumatic event to bring us together again.

We are headed – full steam ahead – to a partisan vote (with any deviations coming from the majority to the minority) for impeachment. So for the third time in our history the House will impeach, and for the first time with a partisan vote, losing only a few of their own members.

At this point, I have to believe this is going to hurt the Democrats. Pelosi, Schiff and Nadler come off as angry and vengeful more than cuddly bears.

Now on the IG report, I think it was more disappointing for the Trump side than the Democrats. This because the President had led us to believe it was a coup and the IG did not find that. Though he did find plenty that left you wondering how it could happen if it wasn’t a coup.
Basically the report said it was a legal probe, but it did find so many mistakes and all of them against the President. Every mistake and wrong deed was against the President.
In the end it means we go on and await the Durham Investigation, which should be far more interesting. Durham has subpoena power and can talk to people inside the government and those no longer there. The IG could not do that.
That lack of power always lead me to believe this would be limited. The Durham probe is real. Add the fact that Durham, who never comments, did so on the IG report, and said he was in disagreement on some of it is a warning for anyone claiming victory today.

One thing I did learn. The left kept saying this did not start with the FISA document, it started with Carter Page. Well yesterday we learned (or at least I did) that Carter Page was working for the CIA and had been for a while.

other news

It looks like the USMCA will be voted on in congress by the end of next week. The Democratic leadership will want some positives after impeachment. Look for a prescription drug plan too. They need some positive actions.
Now they will also say we passed hundreds of bills that died in the senate. That is a smokescreen. You can pass all the bills you want that you know the other side controlled by conservatives will not pass. Governing is getting something done.

After her Howard Stern interview, many became convinced that Hillary is looking to run. Here’s more for her. She was the top choice in the Harvard-Harris national poll just released. Hillary was at 21%, followed by Biden with 20% (among registered Democrats) when asked whom they would support for the 2020 party presidential nod. Sanders was next at 12%, followed by Warren at 9% Bloomberg at 7%. John Kerry was also added to the poll but did not make the top five.

Joe Biden proposed nearly $1 trillion in new corporate taxes, as he sought to generate more revenue to pay for his policy plans on health care, climate, infrastructure and education. Think about that. Many of us (me included) believe the drop in corporate taxes allowed us to be competitive and is bringing jobs back. Do we really want to drive them away again?

Now Democrats say that tax increases speed up the economy. Elizabeth Warren, as an example, is pushing the “pro-growth” argument for raising taxes.
I will para phrase a Ronald Reagan argument. Why is it better when the government spends your money than you do.

Let’s see what today brings, have a great day.



There is no reason to write anything this morning. Whatever we write will be overshadowed by the time you read this.
The House committee’s intent on impeachment rushes into its next hearing. They want to keep moving at a record pace and dominant news cycles.

Then the IG report comes out and the noise will be loud from both sides no matter what it says.

So buckle up for the day and we’ll be back tomorrow with some analysis.

An Ugly Day…

If you saw any part of the hearing yesterday you know it was a partisan ugly hearing, that tells you the state of politics in our nation. Both sides were dug in, no one was giving anything and no matter how many votes they took it was 24-17 matching the number of Democrats and Republicans on the committee. Not one person at any point broke rank.
In the end no minds were changed and that means we are headed down the same track we began the day. No doubt those supporting impeachment want this going forward and done. Those supporting the President are as adamant that this was just another attempt to overturn the 2016 election.
Those in biggest jeopardy are the House members who represent districts that may not agree with the party they represent. If this comes to a vote they have to make a decision and it may cost them.

Just to recap in case you missed the hearing. The Democrats called three law professors. One served in the Obama DOJ. The second served in the Clinton administration and as counsel for Senator Pat Leahy. The third wrote an article in 2017 for the NYT looking for reasons to impeach Trump.
The fourth, Jonathan Turley was called by the Republicans and he was the sole panelist against impeachment.
None of the four voted for President Trump in 2016. Three admitted donating to Democratic Presidential Candidates.
So not a pro administration panel and the three were clear in their vehemence against the administration. I think one in particular came across too angry, Pamela Karlan. Her remarks about the President’s young son was the low point of a low day. When you have to apologize after the hearing you are a panelist on, you lost.

What comes to mind is an old saying — You don’t worry about criticism from people you wouldn’t seek advice from.”

I thought Turley had the memorable line of the day for his supporters.
“If you impeach a president, if you make a high crime and misdemeanor out of going to the courts, it is an abuse of power. It’s your abuse of power. You’re doing exactly what you’re criticizing the president of doing.”
It was that kind of day, but the spin the public will get will depend on who, what, and where they get their news.

In my opinion, in the end this did not move impeachment forward. The Democrats are digging themselves a hole. They are in a rush. If they truly believe they have an impeachment case they should go to court to get the Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney and former NSC Head John Bolton. They need evidence, but they won’t do it because it would take time. Poor management here and it may come back to bite.


Well the session ended with a moment to remember. A hot mic and some joking about our President and he walks from the final press conference.
The MSM can spin this in any manner they want. The President pressuring the other leaders to live up to their commitments and agreement and pay their share of defense funds is fine with me. While those leaders might prefer someone apologizing for America, I love a leader putting us first. Keep your word and pay your bill. If you don’t like it, leave NATO and go on your own. See what happens, but I suggest you check the history books first.
By the way, the White House supplied these numbers:
Countries other than the U.S. have agreed to pay 130 Billion Dollars more per year, and by 2024, that number will be 400 Billion Dollars.
Without the pressure who would be paying?

other news

Get ready, this story was in the WSJ.
The Trump administration is set to tighten work requirements for recipients of federal food aid, potentially rendering hundreds of thousands of people ineligible for the program by mid-2020.

This also from the WSJ on USMCA concerning Democratic demands:
Mexico’s government and business leaders are voicing opposition to a key demand of U.S. Democratic lawmakers in a renegotiated North American trade pact, jeopardizing the deal’s passage this year.
Funny isn’t it? NATO was good enough for them until we negotiated a better deal and 170,000 more American jobs.

Where’s Rudy? Well the NYT has this story:
Rudy Giuliani, the president’s personal lawyer, is in Europe this week to talk with former Ukrainian prosecutors for a documentary series intended to debunk the impeachment case.

For the next Democratic debate we have six candiates who have qualified for the stage (with Harris gone). They are: Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg,, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, Tom Steyer, and Elizabeth Warren. 
Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang have made the donor mark but are one poll short of qualifying.
Looking like he won’t qualify are Cory Booker and Julian Castro.


Showdown Week, Day Two…

So yesterday lived up to its billing. The President was on the airwaves, in meetings with world leaders, from the moment we awoke until the day went into night. He made news all day.
The Democrats released their report in the afternoon and impeachment was on.
The weeks showdown was underway. The lines are drawn. How will those who can be swayed break? I think with the seriousness of the President’s talks and requests for funding his side might be in a good position. The Democrats have to work hard here not to look petty.

Today the contrast goes one step further. We may well have contrasting screens of a NATO Press Conference discussing issues, objectives and plans while the House is holding their own conference on the next steps in the process.
It just doesn’t strike me as a good look for those in Washington.

If they start getting bad press and people turn on them then that exit ramp we have talked about from the outset might look inviting. Running all the way with a partisan vote (and some lost Democrats voting with the Republicans) to move on to the senate, just doesn’t seem right.
If it were me, I would vote to censure and use that phrase we mentioned. We censure this President’s actions, now the people can impeach in eleven months.

One final thought on this today. They (the Democrats) have gotten themselves in a box as I see it. If they fail to impeach they will anger their most fervent base. If they do they may well appear to be petty. That was exactly the position Nancy Pelosi didn’t want to end up in. She may have acted too soon and thought the Ukraine call contained more than she was told.

the ukraine president speaks

Here’s a story from the NY Post that speaks for itself:
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky denied once again that President Trump used nearly $400 million in military aid as a bargaining chip to pressure him to launch investigations into former Vice President Joe Biden and Ukraine’s role in the 2016 US election. “I never talked to the president from the position of a quid pro quo. That’s not my thing,” Zelensky told Time magazine in an interview published Monday. “I don’t want us to look like beggars. “But you have to understand. We’re at war. If you’re our strategic partner, then you can’t go blocking anything for us. I think that’s just about fairness. It’s not about a quid pro quo. It just goes without saying.”
The military aid, which was approved by Congress in January and eventually released on Sept. 11, supports Ukraine’s fight against Russian-backed separatists in the eastern part of the country.
In the interview, Zelensky was asked about Trump’s claim that he held up the military assistance to ensure that Ukraine was taking steps to combat rampant corruption.
“I don’t need to change his mind. During my meeting with him, I said that I don’t want our country to have this image. For that, all he has to do is come and have a look at what’s happening, how we live, what kinds of people we are,” Zelensky said. “I had the sense that he heard me. . . At least during the meeting, he said, ‘Yes, I see, you’re young, you’re new, and so on.’ ”
In October, Zelensky said he was unaware that the military aid was suspended when he spoke to Trump in July.
“There was no blackmail. I had no idea the military aid was held up,” he said at a news conference.

Case closed? Not for the House Leaders.

in other news

The IG report scheduled on Monday sounds like it will satisfy no one. It won’t go as far as some hoped to accuse individuals of plotting to over throw the President. At the same time it will not clear everyone as others hoped. So what will we get? Arguments from both sides and a turn to the Durham investigation and what he will say and do.
The MSM will attack and say that the “conspiracy that FoxNews drummed up was proven untrue” and they were right to avoid reporting on it. When you hear that think about this. There is some truth in what they were saying in the IG report. What truth was there in their three year Russia conspiracy they reported daily?

Out goes Kamala. The third Democratic candidate, and certainly most prominent to drop out this week. She had that first great debate where she attacked Biden, but it was all downhill from there. We originally thought she would be among the last standing, but she ran a terrible campaign.

We mentioned the fact that Bloomberg News would not investigate any Democratic candidates because Mike Bloomberg was running, but they would continue investigating Trump.
Well now the Trump team has barred Bloomberg’s credentials from covering their campaign events.

You still don’t hear much on it, but Iran has issues. The riots over higher gas prices have resulted in hundreds of deaths. Now comes this report:
U.S. officials cite new intelligence suggesting Tehran’s finances are bringing it closer to a financial crisis, as Iran’s sanction-battered economy is suffering.
Does the administration deserve credit for the sanctions they put on them? You won’t hear that on the MSM.
Speaking of Iran, yesterday (Dec 3) was the 40th anniversary of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini becoming Iran’s first supreme leader. As noted here many times, this was after we demanded the Shah of Iran to get out. The middle east, never a stable region, hasn’t been the same since.

The Hunter Biden story just gets more interesting. After he was confirmed the father of the baby in Arkansas, the stories started flying, though the MSM avoided them. The latest is she is suing him for child support and Hunter is claiming he is broke and without a job. He was a no-show for an Arkansas court hearing this week. The next day his lawyers resigned.
Oh we would know so much more if this was a Trump kid.
Who is the baby’s Mother and how did Biden meet her? The NY Post reported that Biden was a regular at a Washington, DC strip club where she performed under the stage name “Dallas” around the time that he broke up with his late brother’s widow.

Who Will Win The Week?

As we head into Tuesday the question is who will win the week?
Do Schiff and Pelosi win by releasing a report and turning the investigation over to Nadler for a quick few days of hearings?
Does the President win by dealing from the strength of his office at the NATO meetings by doing his job?
The contrast will be clear.
The President will be on world stage pushing his “America First” agenda and trying to make deals.
His opponents will be in Washington talking to law scholars looking to support their charges that the facts from the Ukraine investigation are impeachable.
The MSM will choose the hearings, we know that. But, it’s what the American people choose that matters. The question is whether the media sways them.

No matter what happens if Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and team continue down the path they are on, it will be a totally partisan position. The Republicans are holding, even those the Democrats hoped would buckle. A partisan vote is exactly what Nancy Pelosi didn’t want.
If they continue down this path on the charges as they stand now, the Senate may very well end up being a partisan divide too.

That means it all comes back to the theme of this blog. Your choice, Your vote. You and your fellow American citizens will decide — as they should — in November 2020.

By the way, Politico had this story on the impeachment rush:
“HOUSE DEMOCRATS WANT TO IMPEACH BY YEAR END. IS THAT DOABLE OR ADVISABLE? Some Dems are starting to think that rushing to complete the process by the end of the year — a completely arbitrary deadline — is a dumb idea. Democrats, for their part, want to strike while the iron is hot and not leave such an explosive issue lingering. 

some other news

The NYT actually had this line concerning the USMCA:
“As lawmakers return to Washington today, the question for Democrats is whether to back the deal and give President Trump a victory in the midst of the impeachment investigation”.
Give the President a victory? It’s a victory for the American people and workers. Are the Democrats and NYT serious?

On the Democratic primary race two candiates dropped out. You may not have heard that. They were Gov. Bullock of Montana and Rep. Joe Sestak of Pa.

Here’s a story that will make you shake your head and maybe smile:
“Maxine Waters’ new challenge – AOC and freshman upstarts”: 
“California Democrat Katie Porter fought with her over committee procedures. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other members of the Squad of progressive female lawmakers withheld their support from her over the Export-Import Bank. Their staffs have pressed her team to give them more time to weigh in on bills.
She is facing growing dissatisfaction — and at times outright rebellion — from high-profile, left-leaning lawmakers who joined the panel earlier this year”.
Imagine that.

President Trump struck again. This time he instiuted tariffs on Argentina and Brazil:
“He surprised Brazil and Argentina, tweeting that he would impose tariffs on their steel and aluminum. He said they had deliberately weakened their currencies, to the detriment of U.S. farmers and manufacturers”.
By the way, both countries have become bigger suppliers to China during the trade war, angering some in the administration.

Finally the Inspector General Report is due for release next Monday (Dec. 9). Now I don’t expect much from it, but daily it seems some who will be in it are speaking out. The latest is Lisa Page from the FBI office. She said in the Daily Beast:
“There’s no fathomable way I have committed any crime at all. I had stayed quiet for years hoping it would fade away, but instead it got worse. It had been so hard not to defend myself, to let people who hate me control the narrative. I decided to take my power back.”
Okay we’ll see next week and in the Durham Report next year.

Have a great day.

A Week Later…


After a week, Congress is back from its vacation and we pick up with impeachment as topic one.
Think about that.
They took the week and now intend to release the Schiff report today, have a vote, move the charges to the Judiciary Committee.
They then want the Judiciary to get it to the full House and the House to the senate in two weeks. Why?
They want it all done by Christmas, so they can allow the election of 2020 to go on with their primary candidates out there.

Then, they said again on the Sunday News shows they want a “deliberate and reasoned process” because impeachment is such a disruptive and major action. Now if you believe that you will believe anything.
Add this, the President’s lawyers and team have chosen not to participate in the hearings.

In the meanwhile the President heads to Europe for NATO meetings. So while he’s negotiating for America, the congress here will be putting out stories how he must go. Could you imagine this happening to Obama? Whatever happened to “our divisions end at the water’s edge”?
Oh yea, Nancy Pelosi is heading to Spain for a Climate Control conference. No doubt she’ll be bashing the President there too.

The Democrats have to be very careful here. They cannot cross that line where even their supporters begin to see a drive to impeach that is greater than the rule of law and good of the nation. The opposition to impeach has solidified and hardened even more. They don’t see the charges as impeachable even if accurate. If the few in the middle begin to lean their way that is big trouble for the left.

The latest salvo was the President knew about the whistleblower and that’s why he released the funds. It sounds good and the MSM ran with that for a few days. Then it turned out that he knew twelve days, not two, before releasing. They will use it again, but it does lose some steam when you know the timeline.

Anyway, welcome back post the Thanksgiving holiday. You didn’t miss a beat. It’s impeachment, not USMCA, not border control, not immigration reform, not budgets to run the government, and not attacking the debt that is on Congress’ mind. We’re back where we started.
If the Democrats don’t take an exit ramp the President will be the fourth to face such a vote. He is already one of seven that lawmakers have filed formal impeachment resolutions against.


Is there a Deep State? You might have missed this last week:
Remember the NYT article and now book by Anonymous? He said:
“As far as anonymity is concerned, I will not keep my identity shrouded in secrecy forever. I am not afraid to use my own name to express concern about the current occupant of the Oval Office”. 
He added this:
“Donald Trump has not heard the last of me. There is more to come. Other people who are currently serving, and who have left, are also considering adding their voices before votes are cast in 2020. We talk about this with some regularity.”

They talk about this with regularity? They are “current and former” government employees? Wait, they don’t agree with the President or the way he runs the government?
I don’t need saving from them do you? Let our votes decide.

So Bloomberg News has decided they will stop investigating all Democratic Presidential candidates because Mike Bloomberg is running. However, they will continue investigating Donald Trump.
Sounds fair doesn’t it? The other question is will you notice any difference?

They want the President’s tax returns badly. This story in the LATimes:
“Lawyers for the House, citing the ‘rapidly advancing impeachment inquiry’, urged the Supreme Court on Thursday to reject President Trump’s bid to shield his tax returns and financial records from congressional investigators.”

Finally today, fired Navy Secretary Richard Spencer (over the controversial cases of military releases and a pardon), has been all over the air waves criticizing the President.
What really irked him was the President ordered that the rank and pay of Navy SEAL Chief Petty Officer Edward Gallagher be restored (The Navy officials planned proceedings that may have resulted in him losing the Trident pin).
Following Spencer’s firing, officials said the Navy’s internal review wouldn’t go forward and Mr. Gallagher would retire with his current rank and pin. He had been cleared of serious war crimes charges in Iraq in 2017, though convicted on a lesser offense.
Mr. Spencer is angry and making his feelings known. I suggest he stop and think. The President is Commander In Chief. He made a decision.

Have a great day.