Now It Gets Interesting…

Here goes

Okay buckle up for the next three weeks as the mess in Washington will get interesting.

First, of course, the House will continue its “inquiry” and have to then take the “findings” to the full house for an impeachment vote.
Most analysts say that is a done deal and going to happen. We still wonder if they will take the off ramp and say we will allow the citizens to make their own judgement.

Second, they are still looking for the smoking gun. Today we hear they are investigating whether the President lied in his written statements to Robert Mueller. This is off the Roger Stone conviction and knowledge of the DNC hacking and wikileaks releases.
For congress, finding something to impeach the President is a full time job. Passing USMCA or funding the government is all secondary.

Someone is wrong on this too. Nancy Pelosi said yesterday the President realizes he is way over his head and that’s why he acts as he does. There are millions who say, if he can drive the economy, jobs, markets and reduce conflicts overseas like he has, we want a congress over their heads too.

Third, here comes the other side. The I.G. report from Michael Horowitz we have heard about for years is finally coming. We know that because Senator Lindsey Graham has scheduled a session with him for December 11th. So expect the report the week before.
Now what it will say is the thing we all await. The President’s team, FoxNews and the right have long said there was questionable activity by many in government to kick off the whole collusion thing. The left and MSM have completely dismissed that as a distraction. We are about to find out.
I always thought it was somewhere in the middle, but yesterday when I heard what AG Barr (a person I respect immensely) said what he did, I wondered. He gave the impression there was a lot here.

Now remember both the left and right had great respect and words for Horowitz when he was given this assignment. It will be hard for either side to turn on him and call him a partisan. At the same time Horowitz was limited to talking to only those in government so I wonder how deep he could go. The Durham investigation, which has now moved to a criminal one, will tell the rest of the story.

Finally it will be interesting to see how the MSM covers this. For the past three years they have dismissed any claims of a crime to launch this mess as so unfounded they have not covered it.

other news

Did you see the story that it appears the two guards who were responsible for watching Epstein are about to be charged for failure to do their job and falsifying documents? Let’s see where that goes and if they face jail time. Sometimes that leads a person to make a deal. In the meantime count me as a skeptic that we will ever know the whole story. We won’t get it from Prince Andrew from what I saw this weekend!

Here’s something that didn’t get much coverage. It involves Iran and its internal strife because of the sanctions.

Protests broke out throughout Iran after the government moved to effectively hike the price of gasoline by 50 percent overnight.
“Angry protesters parked cars in the streets to block traffic in more than a dozen cities and crowds numbering in the thousands marched throughout the country, many chanting, “Down with the dictator” and other anti-government slogans. Some shouted, “The enemy is here!” a reference to the government’s continued vilification of the US.”

An Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad tweeted a video of protesters setting fire to a statue of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic”.

Don’t you think this should have gotten some coverage?

Yesterday I commented on how the MSM was calling the reelected Governor of Louisiana “a moderate” (John Bel Edwards). Well consider this action taken by the Democratic Attorney General committee:
The Democratic Attorneys General Association, which supports Democratic candidates for state attorneys general positions, announced its new position Monday. They “will only support candidates who publicly announce their support for abortion rights”.
Edwards is anti abortion. Yup, he was a moderate in the party all right.
Again I ask if this were reversed would the MSM have told you about it?

Have a great day.

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