Onto Week Two…

Onto to impeachment week two, just not today though. Congress doesn’t work on Mondays. Eight witnesses are planned beginning tomorrow.

The Sunday news, as expected, focused on the sensationalism. I keep coming back to this. Where’s the high crime for impeachment? Even if he did the worst thing they say he did, which was to ask Ukraine to investigate what happened in 2016 and what the Bidens did, is that impeachable to you? Again, this call was just after the three year “collusion” charge and the Mueller hearing. What person who was now cleared would not want to know how it got started?

Friday’s hearing was so interesting. The fired ambassador, Marie Yovanovitch, came across as competent, smart and nice. That’s great. We had a congressman crying because she was fired. It became a sympathy hearing, not one that found crimes of an impeachable nature.
Now I feel sorry for her too; but I also feel sorry for the thousands I know who were fired from jobs for no fault of their own. I saw it happen to someone close just last month. This person loved their job, was rewarded for performance and impacting the company. In came new management and guess what? They wanted their own people and out he was. It’s a shame but it happens all the time. The difference here is she was reassigned, lost no benefits, time of service or pay. That doesn’t happen to the thousands every week who face the same fate. So I feel bad, but I feel even worse for those who have no job to go to.
For the congress person who cried, you should visit Detroit and the car factories when your policies stall the economy, and the assembly line workers, through no fault of their own get laid off because car sales slow.

Anyway, on to week two with the support of the MSM.

Political updates

Did you see the latest poll out of Iowa? Mayor Pete is in the lead. Remember when Elizabeth Warren was the one? As soon as she was challenged on how to pay she dropped. Let’s see how the others go after Mayor Pete in the debate this week. Ten candidates qualified.

Mike Bloomberg just changed positions for the Democratic primaries. He apologized for Stop N Frisk in NY. He said he did it to save lives and now realizes it was racist in the manner the police applied it and he made a mistake.
What’s interesting about this is before he entered he criticized the others like Biden and Beto for apologizing. He said you can’t apologize and lead.
But when you need minority and far left voters you apologize. Mike save your money you’re done.

The Louisiana race went as expected. The Democrat was a popular one and he is an anti abortion and cut taxes governor. The media will say that Trump lost and portray the Governor as a “moderate Democrat”. Can you name some others who have his positions?

Finally did you hear about the plane in LaGuardia that people had to get off because of smoke and a possible engine fire? You know who was on it in first class? Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin.

Have a great day.

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