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As day two of the impeachment hearings get set to dominate the day, here’s some short thoughts to take you into the weekend:

  • If day two and subsequent witnesses are as effective as day one I know the date that the President will be forced to leave office.
    It’s Jan 20, 2025 when he completes his second term.
  • Day one was all about “I heard from …” and “he heard from…”. It didn’t go over as planned. By next week they may have to revert to “I had this dream that Donald Trump…” It will line up with their dream to impeach and Disney said “dreams can come true”. Of course they also have Mickey Mouse.
  • Todays witness is the poor ambassador to the Ukraine who Trump replaced. Imagine a President replacing ambassadors with people who support his policy. Treason.
    Oh yea, what does she have to do with the call? See above about the dream. You see she was recalled in April. The call was in July. Maybe she’s psychic.
  • Yesterday we told you of the path to impeachment was:
    Collusion – Mueller Report- Obstruction- Quid pro quo to Extortion.
    Well darn they moved post again yesterday. Now it’s bribery. You have to pay close attention. Don’t miss a day.
  • Poor Nancy Pelosi. If you remember she didn’t want to do this, but got dragged in eventually. I guess for her it was: No way – Maybe – Just Maybe We Will – Okay We’ll Do it — Oh Oh –Why Did I Do this?
    Nancy, try this quickly — USMCA.
  • Now think about bribery and poor Hunter Biden in all this. He’s discharged from the Navy after a month (after receiving an age-related waiver and a second waiver due to a past drug-related incident). Poor kid, lands on his feet with a $50K a month no show job and has to be dragged into this. Poor Hunter.
  • Adam Schiff if you still don’t know who the whistle blower is I can help. I know him. You don’t have to call me, try Googling it. As head of impeachment you should know he worked for Obama and Joe Biden. I know you can do this Adam.
  • Hillary I heard you again yesterday about all the calls you are getting to run. Check those numbers, make sure they’re not BFF’s of Bill.
  • Speaking of Bill, yesterday he sincerely offered advice and counsel to President Trump on how to be President while getting impeached. I don’t know exactly what it was, but it wasn’t:
    Lie to the Grand Jury. Demand the definition of “is”. Quiver your lip as if you’re sorry. Tell them you are going to work. Do what I did, except this. Don’t drag Melania out there. She’s not Hillary, if you know what I mean.
  • Sometimes I think this impeachment is congress impeaching its own credibility.

Enjoy your weekend.

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