I for one am tired of turning on the news and hearing about impeachment over and over. I am tired of seeing Adam Schiff on my screen. I am tired of the sensational headlines that later turn out differently. I am done with it.
I have broken it down to this. Even if the President did what the Democrats and MSM say he did, it is not an impeachable offense. It’s just not there, and they are taking all the time of congress, making all this noise, selling newspapers and trying to drive ratings on junk.
If the economy were tanking, if we were being abused overseas or there were domestic issues the President created, this would be nothing. It’s only there because none of that exists. They need an anti issue. Therefore I am done with it. I am taking my time back and asking congress to do something productive, like fund the government, try to figure out how to cut debt and pass the USMCA. Enough of the rest already.

Some other issues and thoughts

The Democratic race for the nomination is getting interesting. As the field narrows and we await the announcement from Julian Castro that he is out, we get Mike Bloomberg putting his toes in.
I think Mike is keeping his options open by registering today in Alabama. He is 77 years old and would be a few weeks from 79 upon inauguration. So he has nothing to lose using some of his money to test things. Heck if Warren or Sanders win they will take it anyway!

The party is worried about Warren and the progress she is making. She may well be so far left that the country would actually give Trump a landslide. Biden was their best hope to be close to the middle (though a few years back he was considered a major liberal). Think about this question. Who do you think this Ukrainian controversy has hurt more, Trump or Biden? I think history will say it hurt Biden more. It’s just possible in their desire to get Trump so badly, the MSM got Biden.
For his part, Biden did rise up this week and begin to attack Warren. The race will heat up from here as we are now under three months to the primaries.

Jeff Sessions announces he is running for his old seat in Alabama. Until I saw him interviewed I wondered if he had a shot. After seeing how deftly he handled questions on his time as A.G., I now think he is the favorite.
For its part, the GOP needs to win that seat to hold on to its majority. They have issues in Colorado, Maine and Arizona for sure.

I have long said how much I like and respect A.G. Barr. He was unfairly attacked for clearing the President on collusion and obstruction, and the left and MSM attacked him viscously as a partisan.
Well this week they are quietly doing the opposite based upon the story that the President wanted him (Barr) to publicly clear him on the Ukraine matter and the A.G. refused.
Maybe the A.G. is a fair person and follows the law?

Here’s something you won’t hear on the MSM because they were too busy telling you how much prices were going to go up with “Trump’s Tariffs”. The U.S. collected a record $7 billion in import tariffs in September. The revenue is a bounty for the U.S. Treasury.
Remember that as you hear China wants a deal and the tariffs lifted.

The President is speaking today at minority event (“Black Voices for Trump”). This group goes under the name Blexit, which represents the “black exit from the Democratic party”. They don’t get much coverage but their leaders like Candace Owens are vocal and making progress. If they drive up the President’s minority vote the Democrats will feel it.

Have a great weekend.

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