Election Day…

Today is election day, but one year from today is ELECTION DAY. What a donnybrook kind of year this is going to be. America’s future and what our children and grandchildren inherit will be on the line in the next 365 days. If Trump survives as this impeachment, as we expect, and the Democrats go far left, buckle up for the election ride of a lifetime.

The results tonight in Kentucky mean nothing about the President. The Governor in Kentucky is the least popular one in the Republican party. His loss would have nothing to do with the President.
Now Mississippi would be a message. If Republicans lose Mississippi then you know something is happening.
If the Democrats take the Virginia houses (now Republican controlled) it will be clear that state is now dark blue. Strengthening the leadership of the Governor and Lt. Governor, who if they were Republican would have been forced to resign, would say it all.

The President today informed the United Nations that the U.S. would be withdrawing from the global climate agreement known as the Paris Accord.
Sure to be an issue in 2020 the left will say Trump doesn’t care about the environment. He will recite the details of what it costs and how much we are doing versus the rest of the world.
Ironically the process says it takes a year for the pullout to take effect. Think about that. It will be day after the 2020 election. Don’t you think the left will make it an issue next year? Your vote will decide.

The rumor on Wall Street is that the U.S. and China are looking for a new site to sign that “phase one” agreement . If you recall they had hoped to ink the deal during a November Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Chile, but the gathering was canceled amid widening protests.
Wall Street is betting this week that it will be signed.

On the heels of that, consider this. The President has until Nov. 13 to decide whether to impose tariffs (25%) on European and Asian auto imports. So here we go again. I don’t think it will happen, but if it did it would impact the price of import cars by about $6,875.

Happy Voting Today.

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