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Just a few words this Monday Morning

No need for us to go deep into the impeachment again, you are as informed as us. Just these thoughts to share:

We thought on Friday night the President was gaining momentum and the tide was turning toward ending this whole thing.
There was a general feeling that enough was enough and even if he was trying to get Ukraine to investigate it wasn’t impeachable.
However, the weekend news and MSM coverage was so pro impeachment they have the issue front and center again.
So we’ll leave you with this thought:
We think the 90+% negative coverage will keep this alive as most people are not as informed as you and get their coverage from that negativity.
Just ask yourself if you were around during the coverage of the Clinton impeachment. How was that? Then remember he was charged by a special prosector with eleven counts of lying and actually paid a female who charged him of sexual misconduct almost a million dollars.
By the way. over the weekend little was reported but Ronan Farrow who has broken all these stories on Harvey Weinstein and NBC had this to say about the rape charges by Juanita Broderick, that the MSM refused to cover:
He said the charge was a “credible” accusation of rape and that alleged victim Juanita Broadrick’s claim was “overdue for revisiting.”

Add that there are other things that will keep the “Impeach Trump” movement going. As an example, tomorrow begins the Roger Stone trial. Watch the sensationalism here. This will be top of the news headlines.

And the President will add to it. Yesterday the Democrats said they will release the transcripts of the depositions conducted so far.
What does the President say Sunday night?
That Democrats might manipulate these records for political purposes.
Really? Republicans in the room won’t know that?

So buckle up. You will decide this whole mess in 2020 with your vote.

on 2020

Good bye Beto. Over the weekend Beto dropped out. He ran a campaign to forget. Between coming to your home to take your guns, to threatening religious organizations for their beliefs, to taking down existing wall and broadcasting his teeth cleaning, he hurt himself.

The next to go will likely be his fellow Texan Julian Castro, with Kamala Harris not far behind as she is closing offices.

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