Impeachment Turning Point

Yesterday we reached a turning point in this whole “impeach 45” scenario that has gone on for the entire Trump Presidency. I have a few thoughts on what that turning point might mean, and how maybe the left has overplayed its hand.

First the one thing this had to appear not to be, was bipartisan. It just couldn’t look like one party trying to overturn an election.
Well the vote was bipartisan. The only two non bipartisan votes were actually Democrats voting with the Republicans.
That vote is not a positive for the pro impeachment crowd.
Further, it certainly appeared the vote riled up the Republican congress and for the first time they were out there, adamant in their words and passionate in their defense.
I have long believed that the President was without a party. It was because the Republican members didn’t trust him. They never knew when he would turn on them, ridicule them or put them down. It was safer to keep a distance.
The example is Senator Graham. Probably his most ardent supporter on the air, right? Well how many times when Lindsey disagreed did the President berate and put him down? He didn’t simply say “I disagree with Lindsey on this one.” No, he got personal and really attacked. That made the others weary.
This vote yesterday seemed to cut through that and the team was out in force.

Contrast the vote yesterday with the Nixon and Clinton votes on impeachment. In the former, over 400 voted to move forward. In the latter there were 31 Democrats voting with the Republicans.

Then you come to this. From day one of his Presidency you had people and the MSM talking impeachment. It is one thing to talk about, yesterday seemed to cross a line where it seemed real. So that raises the question of what is the “high crime and misdemeanor”?
It can’t be the transcript we read. I think if that’s all they have then they overplayed their hand.
Now let’s say the President did bring up and want Ukraine to look into the 2016 election and what the Biden’s did. Do you think most Americans think that is a high crime or misdemeanor? I don’t.
Especially when they find out the call came right after the President was cleared of the three year charge that he colluded with the Russians to win. This Ukraine call happened then, and since he was cleared there were many connections and rumors to Ukraine and the election. Asking to get to the bottom of that just might be something we would all do. If that’s a high crime, I am confused on the issue.

So I think the bipartisan nature of this and the manner in which Adam Schiff is coming across just might begin to tip public opinion. Giving the lead back to Jerry Nadler is not going to help. The best Pelosi can hope for is there is more to the story than we all know now and that MSM continues its 92% negative Trump coverage. Of course the President being who he is can be counted on to provide good fodder for negative stories. He speaks tonight in Mississippi and no doubt will provide the MSM fodder tomorrow to attack and mock.

Have a great weekend.

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