Another Monday…

We start the week after the President and administration took another bashing on the weekend news shows.
Just take notice of the interruptions, tone of questions and how the hosts go after guests and you can determine their leanings. Outside of Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Futures, it sure seems they all are anti administration.

Now the administration does not help as it continues to shoot itself.
Mick Mulvaney was on a number of shows and did little to recover from his remarks earlier in the week. He was attacked on them with his own words..
I think he compounded things by saying, the President is in the hospitably business in defending the Doral choice for the G7.
Really? He’s President now Mick.

The backing off Doral as the site illustrates again how impulsive the President is. In choosing Doral it was clear that it would lead the left and MSM to talk about personal profit. They would never cover what he has lost as President.
Just a dumb move that they have to back away from, but gives the public exactly the impression they didn’t want.

If politics and public opinion is based upon messaging: |
Then this administration is a failure. They continue focusing on the negatives, things people talk about when the economy is good, jobs are available and we are at peace. Not bread and butter issues.
Think about that.
So instead of a steady administrative message of growth, jobs, increased income and a bright future, the President is bogged down in mindless issues and ego connected defenses.
Politicians are masters at messaging.
This President and administration are not.

An Example. There are only 23 days left in this legislative session.
Shouldn’t the President and team be out there daily beating the drum for the USMCA? It should be an all day message that congress is failing to pass a bill that is good for the U.S. and will create 180,000 more jobs. Why the silence? And, why are they waiting for Nancy to pass it and take credit for doing it?
Does anyone in the administration know how to play the game? This is a winning message, winning program and America wants it. Where are they?

This is interesting.
Former Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.) has joined CNN as a contributor. It will interesting to see his role. He is a strong right leaning individual and it will interesting to see his air time and use.

Latest Democratic poll from Iowa:
It showed Mayor Pete Buttigieg moving into the top three. The poll was taken after Tuesday’s debate and had Joe Biden at 18%, Senator Warren at 17% and Buttigieg at 13%.
Probably a reflection of his debate performance, the attacks on Biden and his son, Bernie’s heart attack and the challenges to Warren.

Speaking of Senator Warren she said:
She is working on how to fund her medicare for all program. Wait, you proposed something, said the middle class would save money and now are figuring out what it cost?
Am I missing something here?
You better check that free college and other stuff too.

Did you see these reports today:
President Trump is weighing leaving a small number of troops in Syria. How can that be was my first thought. Then I remembered, this President is shoot first, then aim and consider. You would think after three years he would learn.

Finally today an example of liberal thought and action.
In NYC, Mayor de Blasio’s plan to shut the Rikers Island Prison by 2026 has been approved by the city council. Now the plan is to replace and it with four smaller, borough based jails. In the end the city plans to have 1,000 less cells.
It’s part of the plan supporting recently enacted criminal-justice reforms to shrink the city’s jail population (currently about 7,000 inmates) to 3,300 by 2026.
The Mayor said this:
“Today we made history! The era of mass incarceration is over. It’s over!” 
A Republican council member in voting against it said:
“Thus, it will require putting more potentially dangerous offenders back on the street, jeopardizing public safety”.

What do you think?

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