The debate had no major candidate flub or breakout moment but some significant observations.

Elizabeth Warren has risen steadily in past polls as she avoided any counter attack. Last night she got attacked and had a rougher night.

The Medicare For All Program has the same problem the Republicans and administration have had, how do you pay for it? You have heard us for years say, you cannot insure (Bernie said there are “87 million under and uninsured”) people and not drive up costs for all. Bernie said taxes are going up, Warren said no for the middle class. One is telling the truth.

Everyone was for higher taxes on the “wealthy”. The problem with that is this. Once a tax is in place the government spends the money and the lower in the tax brackets it goes.
Which is another issue, no one ever talks about in either party, cutting spending and maybe one day balancing the budget.

The moderators asked a softball question on Syria. Of course the President was wrong, thank you to the twelve who reiterated that. Wouldn’t it have been nice to know what they would have done? Wouldn’t it have been nice to ask them when President Obama withdrew if they felt the same and he made a mistake?

I’m sorry they didn’t ask about China. Where do they stand and what would they do with the standoff now? Do they agree with Biden that China is not an issue? How come China got so bad while they where all in Congress? Did they see this mess coming? What did they do to stop it?

While on the subject of trade wouldn’t it have been nice to ask where they stand on USMCA and if it should have been passed already? Some of them were there when NAFTA passed. How about the TPP, would they have cancelled it as the President did?

One more question while I’m at it. They all want the President impeached over the Ukraine. I would like to know, based upon the released transcript, would they resign if they were President?

The candidates all seemed to indicate the economy is bad, jobs are not there and we headed in the wrong direction. Yesterday there was a report released that real income in the eight Bush years went up about $500. In the Obama years, $1,000. In the first three years of this administration $5,000. Wouldn’t that have been a great question?

Finally, my thanks to Anderson Cooper who informed America that Biden’s son did nothing wrong. Thank you Anderson, now I can stop following that story.

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