the noise

The noise continues about impeachment and dominate the news.
What is starting to emerge are questions about the secrecy of the hearings.

In our lifetime we had the Nixon and Clinton impeachments. They were open books for all to see. This behind closed doors secrecy is new to us and once the MSM catches up to the people beginning to ask questions, they may report this.

Now Congressman Schiff said he “may not” call the whistle blower to the hearing. Why? Well he says, he “has the transcript”.
Don’t you wonder why they want to keep the identity secret? If the person colluded with Schiff’s staff and worked for a Democratic Primary candidate shouldn’t we be able to understand his/her motive?
Don’t we want to know why the whistle blowers report was so much more damning than the actual words in the transcript?

There’s a lot here we don’t know here. This much I do. I read the transcript and if both sides say that’s it, then there is no case except a political one.

What happened with trey gowdy?

First we heard from the President that Trey Gowdy was joining his legal team. Then we heard Fox had ended their relationship with Gowdy since he was joining the administration. Now we hear it won’t happen. So what did happen? Here’s what we hear:
Advisors to Gowdy and the White House were shocked to see the announcement come out. They were still wrestling with lobbying rules that prohibited Gowdy from starting until January. That would be far too late to assist in the impeachment inquiry. So now it appears as if there is no deal.

Just another example of the lack of discipline in the White House.

Biden’s Son

I watched the short released interviews with Hunter Biden this AM. It seemed to me to be more about the President and his children than Hunter and his actions. Let’s see what the rest looks like as they release more.

The next debate is tonight

There will be twelve candidates on stage and that is way too many for a debate. The interesting thing will be to see how candidates three to twelve go after Biden and Warren. They can attack the President, but they need to beat those two to win the nomination. Maybe this is the debate they take off the gloves internally in the party. We’ll see.
Bernie may have indicated this with his “she (Warren) said she is a capitalist to the bones, I am not”. If he takes that path he will drive this party even further left and that is not good for them.

Syria, Turkey and the middle east

What a mess. Now we are putting on sanctions. The entire area is a quagmire if you get involved. Let me explain it as simple as I can.

The area had long time despot leaders who kept the factions under control in their countries through strong military action without any dissent.
Think the Shan of Iran, Gaddafi in Libya, Saddam in Iraq, and Bashar in Syria.
So, when you overthrow one and try to install a democratic government all the factions arise, infighting begins and no one can control anything. They all think they should be in charge and won’t be treated fairly. It’s that simple.
So when President Carter let the Ayatollah Khomeini over throw the Shan, the unraveling began.
What you have now are multiple countries in states of internal strife with no means to control it. Any involvement has no solution because the factions will not get alone with each other.
The best thing we did was become energy independent and are able to walk away from direct in country involvement.
Now with Syria factions joining the Kurds to fight Turkey the area got even worse. Russia was in Syria supporting Bashar, does that mean they will have to take on Turkey? But, Turkey was buying military equipment from them. See what a mess every move creates?

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