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I agree so strongly with the President when he says, “Why is it always our war?” In fact I have asked that question any number of times with the current Iran situation. We act now and we are there forever, when others need them more.
But, with the Kurds who bet it all on us, we had made it our affair. How do we abandon them now?

Now the issues here are bigger than that, too.
It does provide an opportunity for ISIS to regroup and thousands of their soldiers to possibly be freed from captivity. If they do reform, the President would own it. There are an estimated 10-12,000 of them in captivity.
But there is something else here.
The President tried to get the countries these ISIS prisoners came from to take them back and deal with them. They wouldn’t do it. It reinforced his “why is it always us” thought. When our allies refused to help in the area or take prisoners back he decided to walk.
We did take two ISIS individuals responsible for beheadings with us.

Watching the NBA leadership and players waffle around in China is laughable. Remember when they moved the All Star game out of Charlotte until North Carolina changed its bathroom gender law? They wanted gender free bathrooms and moved the game. They had no trouble standing up then. 
Their teams have refused to go to the White House for political reasons. Any number of coaches and players have spoken out on current administration stands. 
So how come now, in this free speech moment, they won’t speak up? (Answer: follow the money). Let’s hope the NBA does not apologize for free speech rights.

This week Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called for all prisons to be closed and those committing crimes to get alternative service in the community. There’s been a movement to cut prison for some crimes and to reduce sentences. NY, in fact, is moving toward closing their infamous Rikers Island Prison. 
Do you think this hurts AOC? Well she has raised $1.4 million for her re-election. An incredible amount. 

Along those same lines did you see this? The person who killed four NY Homeless people was out on bail courtesy of a do good group. The group posted his bail money and he got out of jail. So he killed four people. I guess if we follow AOC’s recommendation we won’t need these do good bail groups in the future. 

In this era of fairness the Minneapolis Mayor wanted to charge the Trump campaign $530 000 for their rally costs tonight. They charged $26,000 to the Dems last time. 
They say the higher costs were because of Trump’s hate and actions. 
Now think about it, they don’t see hate in their action. 

Some news we don’t hear is this.
Republican senators are pressing the Justice Department to pursue criminal charges against women who made false rape allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh during his confirmation hearing last year.
Nine of the Republican members on the Senate Judiciary Committee sent letters to Attorney General William Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray asking for an update to their four referrals for criminal investigation.
It’s important to note what they said to protect people into the future:
“We are grateful to citizens who come forward with relevant information in good faith, even if they are not entirely sure about the accuracy of that information. But, when individuals intentionally mislead the committee they divert important committee resources during time-sensitive investigations and materially impede its work. Such acts are not only unfair; they are potentially illegal.”
I agree, don’t you?

So Hillary says about the President and 2020, that “obviously I can beat him again”. And there folks is all you need to know about the impeachment efforts since the day after the election.

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