On It Goes…

on impeachment

You don’t need us to tell you what you see and read so we will continue with limited comments on the issue, concentrating on some side issues:

Those saying that this isn’t hurting Joe Biden are blind. Have you seen the polls where Elizabeth Warren has caught and passed him?

Every time the MSM or some politician says we have a new whistleblower report about the call, I wonder, “Why do you need that since you have the transcript?” Am I missing something? Isn’t the transcript better than someone’s recollection of the call?

Those (like Congressman Schiff) who say the President is not cooperating, we ask this. Who released the call Transcript and Whistleblower Complaint? Isn’t that outside the norm?

Now Congressman, who made up lines from the transcript, lied about contact with the Whistleblower, and will not release the Volker transcript?
This despite selective leaks from Volker that out of context made you look good?

It makes you wonder who is the one trying to hide something?

It is becoming clearer that congress may have acted too hastily thinking there was more to this story after hearing from the whistleblower. The question remains how do we get out of this?
I remain with the thought they just drag it out and then say we are going to let the people decide with their vote in November.

the president

The President is facing major pushback from both sides on his Syria decision. If Turkey attacks and slaughters the Kurds, this will cause permanent damage for him.

On the positive side China is in the country today and trade negotiations are underway. If the administration can make a positive deal, it will be a great boost for the President.
China, by the way, showed the world some colors with their NBA action all because a General Manager in San Antonio supported the Hong Kong protesters.

Just another interesting week.

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