Impeachment Weekend…

The weekend news and Sunday shows were all about impeachment and whistler blower number two.
Like you we heard enough about this. Our only comment is this:
You can have ten whistle blowers, but what does that matter since the transcript of the call is out? We read it. What does any additional whistle blower add?
It’s the add they better have, or all the time on the news and Sunday shows was a wasted time. We read the transcript.

The week ahead promises more of the same.:
More Depositions.
More Whistleblowers
More Deadlines from Congress
More Noise In The Media.
More Counter Tweets From The President
More Pressure From The Media On Republicans To Speak Out.

One other thought today

The President’s move to leave the Kurds isolated is a blow to U.S. integrity and trust from foreign countries and leaders. The Kurds were the ones who stood up beside us to fight ISIS and were defenders of the U.S. in the region. When we walk away we leave them at the mercy of those surrounding them and who are dedicated to their demise.
The President at heart deplores war and wants to bring the soldiers and sailors home. It’s his gut reaction and he wants to avoid conflict. This is in line with that, but leaving a loyal ally to face certain destruction sends a message to others. If you are North Korea and they are telling you to get rid of your weapons can you trust the U.S. five or ten years from now? You know your weapons protect you, you can’t be sure about the changing whim of the U.S. government.

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