We’re Still…

We end the week where we started and it basically comes down to this:
If you watch most of the MSM and read the NYT and Wa Post, you are convinced that the President has done an impeachable act.
If you watch and read the more conservative outlets you are convinced this is backfiring and the President will emerge stronger.

So the question to me is how are we going to get out of this?
If the Democrats bring the current charges to an impeachment vote can they prevail?
I would guess those anti the President will stand with them, and those for the President with him. That leaves the great middle. Do they think this is enough for impeachment?
My thought today is I don’t think so.

Now consider this.
What we have is an impeachment inquiry which some 225 members of congress are for. Do you know how many of them have committed to voting for impeachment? Only twenty-five (25) so far.
There’s a difference between inquiry and impeachment. It’s not talked about much in the media, but is a key number to watch.

If more doesn’t come out, (and don’t discount the free wheeling President saying or doing anything to aid that) my question is how do both sides get out of this?

The Democrats can’t take this to a vote, sure to lose in the senate if the house votes impeachment and leaving many in jeopardy.
So here’s what I think happens barring some new disclosure.
The President refuses to supply the documents they want.
The Democrats go to court and may win.
The President’s team files an appeal and time passes.
Finally Nancy Pelosi announces that the administration has stonewalled and with the election upcoming we’ll let the people vote the man out.

That scenario avoids a vote on the charges we see to date which are weak, and avoids the chance for the house or senate to say “innocent”.

Just our thought. Now who wins and loses?
Joe Biden will be the biggest loser. His reputation and campaign are damaged, and his less than out-front defense these two weeks has not done him any good.
No matter how they handle the outcome both sides will be disliked even more by the other.
The President will take another hit on his style.
Pelosi and Schiff will feel the scorn of the right more than ever.
The American people are losers. Where is USMCA?
Elizabeth Warren is the winner. Biden is damaged, the is President mired in more mud, and Bernie had a heart procedure (we think he had a heart attack). So she gains in the Democratic primary as we see it.

BUT, in November 2020 the people get to vote and decide. You own the ultimate judgement.

Politico put it this way this AM:
The only difference of opinion now is not over the facts, really. Republicans say there’s nothing to see here; it’s just Trump trying to root out corruption. And Democrats say his own words are evidence that the president is deeply unfit for office and deserves to be impeached.

Some other news

An example of the impact on Biden’s campaign was the announcement he raised $15.2 million for his presidential campaign during the past three months. This was a drop from before and well behind Bernie, Warren and Mayor Pete.

NBC reported this about what happened prior to Ukraine meeting:
“‘Heard from White House – assuming President Z convinces trump he will investigate / ‘get to the bottom of what happened in 2016, we will nail down date for a visit to Washington’, former U.S. special representative for Ukraine negotiations Kurt Volker wrote the top Zelenskiy aide on July 25, just before Trump spoke by phone to Zelenskiy. That phone call led a U.S. intelligence official to file a whistleblower complaint that set off a cascade of fast-moving events, ultimately leading to an impeachment inquiry into the president.

My question about this is, do you want to get to the bottom of 2016 and what happened? We spent $45 million on the Mueller probe because we said Trump colluded with the Russians. If he didn’t, as Mueller said after two and a half years, don’t we want to know what happened? I do.
Then add this from the WSJ today:
Trump’s administration is browbeating u.s. allies –– Australia, Italy, Ukraine, the United Kingdom — to investigate the origins of the Mueller probe”.
Still no problem for me. We spent years and millions on a charge that wasn’t. How about the truth?

From the surreal

Kellyanne Conway’s husband George:
George T. Conway III, husband of White House aide Kellyanne Conway, writes that President Trump’s “ingrained and extreme behavioral characteristics make it impossible for him to carry out the duties of the presidency in the way the Constitution requires.” 

Maxine Waters yesterday said how dangerous Trump was with this :”He is setting some of us up to be killed”.
Funny coming from her who told people to harass and go after Trump supporters in restaurants, on the streets, where they shop and all.


Unemployment numbers today showed:
3.5% unemployment – lowest in 50 years
African-American unemployment at all time low 5.5%
Hispanic unemployment at – 3.9% also a record low
Asian American employment at 2.5%

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