What’s Next?

Today is no different than the rest of the week, if you listen to the liberal MSM you are ready for impeachment. If you listen to others it’s “what is this all about?”

Me? I see no grounds for impeachment for what we have seen so far. Is there more stuff hidden that might come out? That’s possible. This President is free with his words and it would not surprise to see a demand for more releases that add to this. But how can you impeach on the conversation released this week?

Read the transcript in it’s entirety and you get a feel of how it went. The election of 2020 was never mentioned, the references were all to what happened, referring to 2016. You can put me in the line of wanting to know what really happened in 2016, and how that whole collusion investigation came about. Why can’t we know that? I was told it was Trump and the Russians, but after two and a half years it turned out not to be.

It appears to me that the Nadler and Schiff’s are intent on going forward with impeachment charges. They better have more, or this could come back to hurt them if Americans suddenly realize that time, effort and resources were wasted on it.

You don’t see any widespread Republican support from elected officials, Why is that? I think it’s because they don’t trust the President. Think of the names he has called people like Mitch O’Connell. They don’t have the blind loyalty that a Bill Clinton had from his party, with far more obvious actions. The Republicans simply don’t trust that the President didn’t say or do something, or will have their back later. He’s close to a man without a party. If you’re like that, then you need the people. He has a base, but is it enough?

Finally, the best thing he has going for him is the people out to get him. Nadler with his pompous attitude, Schiff telling lies and others like Senator Blumenthal calling him a liar and cheat, just reinforce the President’s base. You get no sense of fairness. Schiff’s opening at yesterday’s hearing was “deplorable”. Every time Blumenthal talks and calls the President a liar, I just look at him in disbelief. The man who lied for years about serving our nation in Vietnam is calling someone a liar. Spare me.

On to the weekend, and let’s see what the Sunday shows conjure up.

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