Momentum is…

So out comes the transcript and the end result is once again what you watch and read. The MSM print and television saw “impeachable” offenses. The right leaning media saw total exoneration. What did we see?

We saw two non life career politicians having a conversation. I didn’t see “the Mafia” pressure that Adam Schiff did. In fact, after reading the entire transcript, I saw a conversation I understood and no smoking gun.

Now I ask you this. If you were investigated for two and a half years on the charge you “colluded” with the Russians and the day before this call the Mueller report said it didn’t occur, how would you feel? I think I would be determined to find out how that whole escapade occurred and began. If I was told the server that contained thirty-three thousand deleted emails was in the Ukraine and there was a widespread tie back to the whole mess, I might ask about it too. Wouldn’t you?

Why is the MSM not interested in any of that? Why is it they go after the Trump kids who have ceased all international expansion of their business, their livelihood, while their Dad is President as fair game; but they care nothing about what the former VP’s son did? Does that bother anyone else?

I want to know what Trump did with the Ukraine. I also want to know what Joe Biden and his son did in the Ukraine and China. I want to know if Trump colluded with the Russians, but also what Hillary did with Britain and other foreign countries to initiate the investigation. I want to know what is in the documents they are releasing, but I also want to know what Hillary deleted, bleach bit and destroyed on her phones and computers.
I don’t think I am alone in this and I am not sure Washington realizes that.

Finally, main stream media sites like the Washington Post printing a story that turned out to be false yesterday about Joseph MaGuire, the acting DNI, saying “he threatened to quit” does not help their credibility at all.

Let’s see what he says today and what else comes out.

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