The Next Issue…

We’re on to the next issue, Ukraine.

Now depending on what media you watch this is either (MSM) the next reason to impeach the President as he conspired with a foreign government to get information on Joe Biden and his son, or if you watch conservative stations it’s all about Biden’s shady deals to make money for his son.

Which is right?
What if both are? What if the President did say to the new Ukraine President “can you please find out what deal Joe Biden made to get his son paid $50K a month.” If it were a Trump son (or daughter) we would want to know. I think this happened.
Did he tie future aid to getting that information? That was first charge, but they seem to be backing off that. So if he asked, I have no issue; if he tied it together then there is a problem, but not an impeachable one.

Now on the other side the question is how did Hunter Biden with his storied past get this deal and the one in China for billions? I think we have a right to know this in the era “of privilege.” Don’t you? I think something happened here too.

So in both cases I think something happened that each media is covering one sided. Why the MSM won’t acknowledge the Biden side is really disturbing. Conservative outlets are at least acknowledging the charges against the President but concentrating on the Biden side.

We just want to know. We think there is truth to both, and if we can get it then the end result might be far more damaging to the Biden family than the President. There is no impeachment here. Just add it to the list of things Schiff and Nadler have seen and didn’t exist.

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