Iran, The NYT, and GM…

Three Topics Today

This blog has consistently said Iran is problem number one in the world. They may likely be behind the oil attack in Saudi Arabia. Why? Because they support terrorism and understand nothing except power. When offered an olive branch they look at it as weakness and go on the attack.
This goes back to 1979 and the weakness of President Carter who allowed the over throw of the government and Ayatollah Khomeini and team to take control. That was followed by taking our hostages and the release of worldwide terrorism.
Remember the day Ronald Reagan raised his hand to be sworn in? At that very moment the Iranians released the hostages. They knew he meant business.
Well last week John Bolton was fired. The story was the final straw of difference between him and others was the administration planning to let up on some of the sanctions imposed on Iran. After the cancelling of retaliation for the downing of our drone, Bolton warned the Iranians would not see it as peace move, but a sign of weakness.
Well if they are behind this drone attack on the oil fields, then what?
First of all I hear the President this AM saying “we are locked and loaded”. Well I ask again, why us? Why do we have to do this? Where is Europe and Japan who get their oil from Iran? Where are they saying “locked and loaded”? Since we are self sufficient on oil today, they need to lead, not us. Let’s see Macron of France demand action. We’ll be happy to be part of it, but where are they first?

The NYT:
The “newspaper of record” is no more. They are now so political that any semblance of fairness is gone. Their report yesterday that another “accuser of Brett Kavanaugh” was out there was so misleading.
It turns out the woman has no recollection of the event, which I would think if she was attacked she would. It turns out the book is written by an attorney who helped defend Bill Clinton in the Lewinsky affair.
To have them print this story (and slightly backtrack today) is a character assassination. To have the MSM run it as if it were fact is to further soil the reputation of the man. Every charge against him was unsubstantiated by anyone, including the four people Chrissy Ford said were at her party.
No one deserves to be mischaracterized as Brett Kavanaugh has been. Think if it were you, your child or family. How angry would you be? The NYT and their MSM friends should be completely embarrassed.
The other thing that is beyond deplorable is the immediate reaction of the Democratic candidates for president, who have publicly called for Kavanaugh’s impeachment over the new charges. With the NYT even pulling back this AM what does make them? Now think about this, do you want a commander in chief who rushes to be judge and jury so quickly? I think this disqualifies them from being the countries and in turn free world’s leader. Who were they?
Kamala Harris, Julián Castro, Elizabeth Warren and Beto O’Rourke were first out of the blocks calling for impeachment. Their actions are despicable and unacceptable for any future leader.

GM Strikes:
You only get strikes like this in good times. You see, when the economy is good people buy. When people buy, jobs are created and sales and profits go up. The problem has always been that in good times everyone assumes they will last forever and strikes happen for more pay, better benefits and other concessions. Then when the downturn hits everyone gets hurt. This is an example. Here are the issues, just read them and you’ll see. As you do, think about the downturn and what happens:

Main areas of disagreement

  • GM is making big money, $8 billion last year alone, and workers want a bigger slice. The union wants annual pay raises to guard against an economic downturn, but the company wants to pay lump sums tied to earnings. Automakers don’t want higher fixed costs.
  • The union also wants new products for the four factories GM wants to close. The factory plans have irked some workers, although most of those who were laid off will get jobs at other GM factories. GM currently has too much U.S. factory capacity.
  • The companies want to close the labor cost gap with workers at plants run by foreign automakers. GM’s gap is the largest at $13 per hour, followed by Ford at $11 and Fiat Chrysler at $5, according to figures from the Center for Automotive Research. GM pays $63 per hour in wages and benefits compared with $50 at the foreign-owned factories.
  • Union members have great health insurance plans, but workers pay about 4% of the cost. Employees of large firms nationwide pay about 34%, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. The companies would like to cut costs.

That’s the three issues I see today.

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