My thoughts on the debate was status quo.
Biden started strong and hung on to survive the night. Not losing was a win.
Warren played it safe, hoping to maintain her growth momentum.
Bernie played to his crowd, which is not a general election one.
Mayor Pete marched in place. He has lost momentum.
Klobucher appealed to the middle. Usually good, but not in this primary.
Harris was hurt. She looked mean, and oh that laugh.
Beto took advantage of home field, appealed to far left. Progress.
Booker played the role of grown up. Good, but won’t help here.
Castro lost by his attacks on Biden. Bad night.
Yang offered free money and a questionable contest. He may gain.

Not much on the economy as ABC avoided the tough questions. Like who is for healthcare for illegals? No way George and team put the Democrats on the hot seat. Ramos did with his immigration questions. He made it so that if you were for a border or control of who is in the country you are a racist.
By the way, they said that. If you support the administration’s border position you are a racist.

Another word not spoken once – “Impeach”. Why? With congress, yesterday voting to move forward, why was this not raised? Answer, because America is against impeachment; only the far left wants it. So why ask and put the candidates in a bad spot?

The President, for his part, was speaking at a Republican Party event and said this: “We’re fighting two battles: the Democrats and the media.” What do you think?
He also said, the Democrats want to “take your money” and “hurt your family.”

One Other Thought

Did you see this in the news? Does the Tabiban realize it made a mistake?
The Taliban called on the U.S. to restart talks on ending the 18-year-old conflict in Afghanistan, urging the Trump administration to revisit a nearly completed deal after it abruptly withdrew from the process last week.

Also, most interesting was this after forever refusing:
The Trump administration turned over a key piece of new information to lawyers for 9/11 victims’ families, a move that could cast light on reports of Saudi government involvement in the attacks. The FBI provided the name of a Saudi official contained in a 2012 report that the bureau has sought to shield.

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