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Why doesn’t the media hype things like this?
There are 5.2 million more people in the United States with jobs than at the end of 2016, and 4.5 million of them are minorities.

With the U.S. unemployment rate near a 50-year low, openings at companies like Amazon keep growing. Yesterday it was reported they have 30,000 open positions. How come we only hear negatives?

Really, on the first day back for Congress Jerry Nadler laid out impeachment parameters?

With North Carolina letting 500 illegals go it raised a question for me. Why do we have sanctuary cities? Can someone explain the reasoning to me.

Why were we talking to the Taliban? They allowed Osama to foster his actions, have continued killing Afghans and U.S. military. What made anyone, outside of a false peace agreement, think they could trust them?

The NYT today has this headline:
Trump Had Deal With Scotland Airport That Sent Flight Crews to His Resort.
But the story is a little different. It started in 2014, when after acquiring a golf resort in Scotland, Trump entered a partnership with a struggling local airport there to increase air traffic and boost tourism in the region.
The next year, the Pentagon decided to up its use of that same airport to refuel Air Force flights and gave the local airport authority the job of helping to find accommodations for crews who had to remain overnight.
So the two separate arrangements intersected and now years later the Democrats want to investigate Trump on this.
Crazy. Did any of them ever run a business?

Here’s an American story that with 9/11 tomorrow is heartwarming.
The children of FDNY firefighters who perished on 9/11 are blossoming into a new generation of the Bravest. On the eve of the 18th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks, the current FDNY Academy class, set to graduate in two weeks, includes 13 members — 12 men and one woman — whose firefighter fathers were murdered on 9/11.
The historic group of at least 16 “legacy” probationary firefighters also includes the son of a NYPD officer killed on 9/11, and the sons of two firefighters who died due to illness linked to their rescue and recovery work at Ground Zero.
The NY Fire Commissioner said this:
“Bravery runs in these extraordinary families who have sacrificed so much for our city. I’m proud of the commitment these probies have already demonstrated to the department and look forward to celebrating with them at their graduation.”

Have a great day.

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