Comey and more…

To me the I.G. report on James Comey was damning. He can call it vindication, but my take is different. You can’t claim to be the last honest person in Washington and portray yourself a boy scout then found to be leaking and misleading. Sorry Jim, you placed yourself on a pedestal but your actions proved otherwise. You can still believe your self pronouncements but the report tells me otherwise.
You’re right, you did not leak information that was classified later; but you did leak. You were the head of the FBI and you were leaking. That’s not right for the job, or a boy scout. You should have been seeking leakers, not being part of the problem.

Now also it seems clear you met with the President elect not to tell him of the rumor but to investigate. The head of the FBI lied or at the least mislead his boss. That is not worthy of the head of the FBI, and you should have been fired.
You’re clear you say? Well Mr Boy Scout, that just proves you are not who you told us you were.

Now Joe Biden and his fight with the Washington Post on the story he has been telling as truth. Joe said last night, “I don’t know what the problem is. What is it that I said wrong?”
Well Mr Vice President, only almost every detail. Let’s see, you were VP, it was the wrong person, the wrong time, the wrong place. Other than that and the fact you took three stories and made them one, you are right, you did nothing wrong.

Think about this. The next Democratic debate is down to ten as we reported yesterday. That means more time for each candidate because the debate will be three hours long. How is Joe going to do in that environment?

The President:
Can he pick anyone? Did you see his personal assistant, (Madeleine Westerhout), whose office sits in front of the Oval Office and who has served as the president’s gatekeeper since Day 1 of his administration, resigned on Thursday? Why? Well the President learned that she had indiscreetly shared details about his family and the Oval Office operations. She was leaking!

Have a great Labor Day Weekend.

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