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With the Democratic field narrowing and Joe Biden holding his lead this thought struck me. If he and the President run against each other then:
We will be choosing between a candidate (Biden) who every time he opens his mouth we will hold our breadth over what he might say because of the relationship to actual fact; and a President (Trump) who we will hold our breadh because of what and how he might say it.
How’s that for a choice?

The new deabte stage for the Democrats is cut in half. Only ten qualified. The 10 candidates who did, and their current per cents in the polls according to the DNC are:
Biden (37 percent), Sanders (21 percent), Warren (20 percent), Harris (17 percent), Buttigieg (7 percent), Booker (3 percent), Klobuchar (3 percent), Yang (3 percent), Castro (3 percent) and O’Rourke of Texas (3 percent).

Gillibrand of course dropped out after failing to qualify. We won’t miss her. You know who else didn’t qualify? Tom Steyer. Steyer spent more than $325,000 a day on campaign advertising but failed to break through.
I don’t think he will quit yet. He is all about impeachment.

Speaking of impeachment, there are now 137 House Democrats who have called for proceedings to investigate whether the president should be removed from office. What will Nancy Pelosi do here?

Speaking of Pelosi, what is she going to do about the president’s trade deal with Canada and Mexico? Does she pass it handing a big political victory to Trump or let it lie until after the election? How can she hold a deal good for America and get away with it?

If she holds it then she lends more credibility to the argument the left is rooting for a recession. They better be careful here.

No real coverage on this but a fallout with Iran yesterday. The administration hit two Iranian-linked business networks with sanctions for illegally helping Iran’s missile and weapons programs.
This continues the financial pressure that has been applied and is hurting them.

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