Now Iran…

Yesterday we wrote about China and the telephone call that likely didn’t happen and how the optimism of progress was deflated. Then hours later the supposed progress with Iran was popped as they repeated they wanted sanction relief before any talks. Something this President will not (and rightfully so) do.

So where are we and why? Here’s my view.

Think about the last 20, 30 and 40 years if you can and what the issues were in the international market. How long do you remember:
“China is stealing our jobs” and companies “are leaving”?
“Iran is the leading terrorist organization in the world. They are behind much of the activities in the world”?
“North Korea wants nuclear weapons and is working on building them”?

Pretty much for as long as you can remember you’ve been hearing that.
Now ask yourself, should those issues be addressed? Should he be going after them as he is? Well in his campaign he talked about them and didn’t come to Washington to continue the charade of the past. He is actually doing what others said they would.

Now you can’t change what has gone on without some pain. The forces you are going to impact are going to fight back. They have gotten used to the good life they had woven and don’t want to give it up.
China was on a path to be the world’s most dominant economic force. They aren’t going to surrender that.
Iran bullied Presidents for 30 years, why would they think this is going to be different?
North Korea fooled Presidents with false words, why not again?

I think the President should be applauded for his efforts, but he isn’t, why is that? Two major reasons:
First he is his own worst enemy. His enormous ego wants everyone to adore him and tell him how smart he is. He cannot take the negative comments. When you hear him speak it is always “no one has done what I have”, or this is “bigger than anything”, it’s “enormous” or “something no one else can do”. He wants that adulation and his ego cannot take it. He is not satisfied that time will prove him right, he must be told every minute he is a genius and the greatest.
The second reason is the press and his opposition hate him. His arguments or positions are never presented in a fair and balanced way. They are always negative. Think about this. If the three issues were presented as a question to the American people, where would they fall?
Don’t you think that a great majority would say we need to address the situation with China?
Don’t you think the majority would realize how dangerous Iran is and understand why we need to isolate them?
With North Korea wouldn’t the majority among us say we must not allow them to get nuclear?

You see, Trump is on the right side of these issues for America, but his ego and a hostile press and opposition party have been able to make him look bad. It’s part his fault, part their’s, but a danger to our nation. The American people must stand strong now to fix the world problems that we have failed to do for 30+ years.

Finally, what is the press and opposition parties solutions for these three issues? Since all the Democrats running have been in Washington for decades, what did they do? Is their answer a return to where we were? I haven’t heard anything else. Do we want that? I don’t, and we need to stand strong now. Teddy Roosevelt said it best, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”.

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