Fallout China…

So what’s the truth with China?
At the G7 the President said that China called and wants to talk. Reporters questioned him hard, “did they really call”? Aides said “yes, there was correspondence” . There would be meetings everyone said. I wondered was there really a call in the middle of the night?
This AM China said there was “no call”. There were notes it appears.
So, why did the President say “calls”? It’s just baffling and makes you wonder.

What I think is this.
The President truly got spooked with Friday’s market drop. He knew the 2020 election was around the corner and now he needed a way out. Over the weekend he tweeted that we should judge his market performance based upon the day after the election and not from January 20th when he took office. I think he realized he was out there and was ready to jump on any opening.

China for its part is losing in this confrontation (more on this below) and is looking to deescalate. So they send a note to say we need to sit and talk and instead of running with that it becomes something bigger to the President so he can win bigger.

It doesn’t mean China wants a deal. They do want to measure the election, and if Trump can be beat they want to wait it out. If it looks like Trump will win they know a deal before the election is better than after.

Now who is winning this face off?
America is, but you won’t get that impression or message from the MSM. Why? They look for the negatives to us. You will get “higher prices” and “drive the economy to a recession”. You know what they don’t do? They don’t look at it from China’s side.
In business I always counseled people to put themselves across the table from themselves. How would you view what you are saying and doing. Would you make this deal?
Now China has devalued its currency, lost jobs, slowed their growth and is facing economic woes. They are doing everything they can to eat the tariffs and not drive up prices to lose sales and cause companies to leave.
Imagine if we were China and a free media was reporting on this from that side.

China is in a bind.
They are dependent on exports to the U.S.. They are dependent on U.S. companies relocating manufacturing in their country. They are dependent on mimicking IP and producing goods. They are facing a President who is saying “no more”. This relationship must be balanced. If they agree to balance they lose. If they stand pat they lose. They are the one in the corner, not us.
All the President needs to do is tell the truth.

With all the talk of reparations I think we owe them here too.
99 years ago (1920) women gained the right to vote on August 26. Don’t we owe all woman reparations for the years prior?

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