Rattling The Markets…

As I write this I am awaiting the President’s recap from the G7 Summit. Under this President he moves the market one way or another with each utterance. Friday he sent it into a tailspin with his anti China tweets. This AM it is up on his we are “going to talk” words. At the press conference there is no guessing what he will say. With Trump, we live in interesting times.

On China I will just say this. For decades we have heard about losing jobs to China and the growth of that country. Presidents and congress failed to take action and this President is. It is about time. We support him.
What I find deplorable are the politicians and media that are reporting every move he makes as bad, and blaming him for the mess. Let’s be clear. Candidates like Biden, Warren, Klobuchar and others have been in Washington for decades and this mess occurred under their watch. The President has been in Washington for two and a half years.
He is not the blame, he is the possible solution.

On Politics:
It appears to us that Elizabeth Warren is gaining traction and her fellow Democratic candidates need to go after her. This from Politico:
“On Sunday, Warren stood on the biggest stage of her presidential campaign for a rally here that drew an estimated 15,000 people — eclipsing an estimated 12,000-person event she held in Minnesota earlier in the week, according to her campaign. Across the country in New Hampshire, Biden presided over a series of intimate, subdued events in New Hampshire and Iowa, hosting crowds that numbered in the low hundreds.”

Enthusiasm matters and she has it now.

The House committee continues. They are issuing a subpoena to former White House staff secretary Rob Porter, a key witness in former special counsel Robert Mueller’s obstruction of justice investigation into President Donald Trump, as the panel weighs articles of impeachment.
This committee will not quit, while Republicans await the IG report.

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