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Just some tidbits that you may not have heard on the news. Let’s start with Politics:

One Democratic presidential candidate dropped out (Gov. Inslee) and will rerun for Governor in Washington State.
One who dropped out earlier, Gov. Hickenlooper of Colorado, is running for the senate against Republican Cory Gardner. He will be favored.
Joe Walsh, a conservative radio show host and former Illinois congressman, is going to challenge President Donald Trump in the Republican primary.
He will join Gov. Bill Weld as challengers. Neither have any shot.

Congress is on August break but this is clear. Democrats and Republicans strongly disagree about how best to rev up the economy. Democrats favor higher spending and Republicans want lower taxes. Sound familiar?

Impeachment? Did you know that more than half of House Democrats (127 total) are now publicly in favor of impeachment proceedings? Not much MSM coverage but the number keeps increasing.
In fact the fourth ranking Democrat in the house came out for the impeachment inquiry (Rep. Ben Ray Lujan N.M.) .
Eyes are now on Georgia Rep. John Lewis to see what he does.

Get ready for this fight. The administration rolled out a plan to detain families crossing the U.S.-Mexico border longer than the 20-day detention limit. If it survives a sure court challenge, the policy change could permit authorities to detain families through the duration of their immigration proceedings. That would cut illegal attempts. Democrats oppose, which is why congress will not vote for it. Let’s see if the attempt to do it without them works.

Did you see any coverage of the President announcing yesterday at an American Veteran conference that college loans for disabled vets will be cleared up? You hear about the Dems saying they will do it for all, so how come no coverage of this?

Where does the President stand?

Yesterday he once again said he favored beefed-up background checks for gun buyers. He offered no clarification of his stance amid recent signs he was backing away from stricter rules. Americans truly want this, why the hesitation? The NRA? Where are they going to go if not President Trump? Back a Democrat?

After saying he was not serious about Greenland we get first a cancelled trip to Denmark, then the President accusing their prime minister of “blowing off the U.S..  He added, “I thought the prime minister’s statement that it was an absurd idea was nasty”. Wow. Great for diplomacy.

You keep hearing of the Presidents average favorability (44%) and unfavorably (53%). Well look at the Democratic candidates numbers:
Former Vice President Joe Biden, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren have all seen their standing decline.
Joe Biden is views positively by 34%, down 20 points from January 2018, while the people who viewed him negatively increased to 38%.
Bernie Sanders has seen a drop to 37% positive and 40%, negative.
For Elizabeth Warren its 31% see her positively and 32% negatively.

You don’t ever hear those numbers on the MSM do you?

Finally here is a story and the results from the Iowa Fair Kernel Poll:
The voting is finished, and the corn kernels are packed away for the year. The 2019 Cast Your Kernel presidential poll results showed something that has never happened before in the 15 years of the poll at the Iowa State Fair: almost exactly as many fairgoers voted for a Democratic candidate for president as a Republican.

  • Total votes for Republican candidates: 33,280
  • Total votes for Democratic candidates: 33,165

That 50-50 percentage split is the closest ever.


  • Donald Trump: 32,375 (97%)
  • Bill Weld: 905 (3%)


  • Joe Biden: 8,143 (25%)
  • Pete Buttigieg: 5,892 (18%)
  • Elizabeth Warren: 5,064 (15%)
  • Kamala Harris: 3,700 (11%)
  • Bernie Sanders: 2,675 (8%)
  • Cory Booker: 1,219 (4%)
  • Tulsi Gabbard: 1,153 (3%)
  • Tom Steyer: 1,078 (3%)
  • Amy Klobuchar: 905 (3%)
  • Andrew Yang: 745 (2%)
  • Beto O’Rourke: 550 (2%)
  • Steve Bullock: 300 (1%)
  • John Delaney: 277 (1%)
  • Kirsten Gillibrand: 270 (1%)
  • Julián Castro: 264 (1%)
  • Marianne Williamson: 240 (1%)
  • Michael Bennet: 129 (0%)
  • Jay Inslee: 120 (0%)
  • John Hickenlooper: 115 (0%)
  • Tim Ryan: 70 (0%)
  • Joe Sestak: 69 (0%)
  • Wayne Messam: 66 (0%)
  • Bill de Blasio: 61 (0%)
  • Seth Moulton: 60 (0%)

The overall turnout was the third highest for Cast Your Kernel. In 2012, 72,216 people voted when Republican Mitt Romney defeated President Barack Obama, a Democrat, 55-45%. In 2016, 69,598 people voted when Trump topped Democrat Hillary Clinton 56-44%.

Obama is the only Democrat to win the Cast Your Kernel poll. In 2008, he defeated Republican John McCain 51-49% with 48,865 kernels cast.

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