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Some thoughts heading to weekend

We disagreed with the decision by Isreal to ban two congressional members from entering the country. We thought all it did was give them ammunition and a reason for people to support them.
Then we heard about the touching note from Congressperson Tlaib that she wanted to visit her 90 year old grandmother one more time.
We were happy Isreal immediately said yes.
Then we realized what a farce the whole thing was as Tlaib said she would not go under the rules Isreal set.
So you only sent the “Grandmother letter” hoping they would say “no” and you could get sympathy and blast them? When they said “yes” you backed off?
Why can’t the MSM see through this?

The NYT had this in today’s paper in reaction to the initial “no”.
“What Are Trump and Netanyahu Afraid Of?”: It is difficult to stomach the notion that an American president would put pressure on Israel to deny entry to two members of the United States Congress. … 
Let’s see if they say anything else tomorrow. I doubt it.

North Korea:
All the noise about N.Korea shooting missiles is so one sided. Do you know why they are doing it? Because the U.S. and S.Korea are conducting military exercises right next door.
Is the media so one sided they can’t give you the full picture?

One down but watch the senate now.
Former Gov. John Hickenlooper of Colorado ended his presidential bid and will likely enter the race for his state’s Republican-held Senate seat. He gives the Democrats a strong candidate in a race where they need three seats to take control.
Keep an eye on Beto. He may be the next to do this.

The U.S.  suddenly postponed a plan to impose new tariffs on about $156 billion in goods from China. They moved the date back to Dec. 15 for tariffs on smartphones, laptops, toys and video games.
Why? “We’re doing this for Christmas season, just in case some of the tariffs would have an impact on U.S. customers,” President Trump said.
Also he knows the economy is slowing and the last thing he needs is a recession in 2020.
He also knows that China is hurting badly in this tariff war, and though the media in the U.S. is talking only domestic, it is much wider.
Now the questions are, can our economy withstand this? Can the President ride it out? Does China cave realizing Trump is going to win and they will get a better deal now? Or, do they think he will lose and a Democrat gives them a better deal?
Keep in mind that Germany’s economy shrank in the second quarter, for the second time in a row, and they are in recession. So the economy worldwide needs watching. Will European leaders provide a major stimulus to drive things? That could help.

Have a great weekend.

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