Let’s Blame…

So it took no time and the blame game started, and that’s why nothing gets done. How many times have you heard this is the President’s fault. He drove the killers this weekend. It was led by the Democratic candidates for president and the MSM. So what are they saying, if the President were to leave office this would cease? Isn’t that ignoring history?
The desire to blame the President is so overwhelming that I ask, do facts matter?

Does the fact the El Paso shooter wrote that he felt the anger he did long “before Trump was President”.
Does the fact the Dayton Shooter hated the President matter? Does the fact he was an avowed socialist matter? That he was for Elizabeth Warren?
The ICE bomber quoted AOC. Does that matter?
The Congressional baseball game shooter was a Bernie Sanders voter. Does that matter?
Not to the media and Democratic candidates. The violence is Trump’s fault.
Over the weekend in Chicago 46 people were shot and wounded (7 killed), is that Trump’s fault too?

We can’t make any progress on solutions when all we want to do is place blame. Here’s a simple example that I would guess 90% of the country would support today. REP. ADAM KINZINGER  of Illinois proposed:
– Universal background checks
– Raising the gun-purchasing age to 21
– Banning high-capacity magazines. 

Doesn’t that make sense to start? But why do that when you blame Trump?

As for the President, as I listened to his address to the nation yesterday I loved what he was saying, with one exception. He never mentioned guns.
As for the Democratic candidates words, and the fact a few began fund raising on the tragedy, it was shameful.
Why can’t we have a true bipartisan effort to impact the shootings? Can’t anyone step across the divide and lead?

Other news

While we are focusing on the shooting did you notice that Iran seized another vessel off the high seas? It’s the third ship it has detained in the recent weeks. They are pushing the envelope and creating a dangerous situation.

North Korea continues for fire “short range” missles. This week they are doing so because the U.S. and South Korea are doing joint military options in the area. Make sure you know that when you hear on the media that they are doing so.

Did you see that “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s chief of staff and communications director is departing her office?
Saikat Chakrabarti, her chief of staff, and Corbin Trent, her director of communications have been alongside Ocasio-Cortez since her primary run.

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