Weekend Horror…

There are no words to express the feelings and horror as we witnessed two more mass shootings. Lives cut short, families destroyed because of anger and hatred. The questions I would ask as president are these:
— Why is this happening now when it didn’t in the past?
— What changed to make it so common today?
— Why doesn’t it occur elsewhere in the civilized world as it does here?
— What can we do begining this minute to stop it?

The problem is the left will say it is the guns and their availability. The right will say it’s mental illness and our failure to act upon that today.

In my opinion they are both right, and since neither will give an inch we will get no where.
Why do we need military style automatic weapons in the hands of so many?
Why is it we can no longer take action on mental illness as we did in the past?

You need to look no further than the shooters this weekend to see the two sides.
On Saturday morning the shooter was angry about the Mexican immigration to America and decided he was going to kill to make his point. He didn’t need access to the weapon he had.
On Saturday night the shooter had given warnings he was unstable and once again his classmates were fearful he would be the one to shoot up the school. He kept a list of fellow students he wanted to rape and kill. He was suspended from school. The Dayton Daily News said today, “Signs of the shooter’s unusual obsession with killing and death — cropped up long ago.” 

Now the immediate reaction of the left and MSM was to blame President Trump. It was “White Nationalism” once again they said.
This is exactly the kind of dialogue we don’t need. Does the President’s words rile up feelings? Yes they do. Do the Democrats rile up feelings with their border words? Yes they do. Both sides own the issue. Try solving the border issue and lower the dialogue for the betterment of us all.

The shooter in El Paso was truly biased and prejudiced. His words make that clear. He also said his feelings and anger go back beyond the President.
The killer in Dayton was anti Trump. Did you hear that? He wanted Trump out and was pro Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.
Does that make Warren a “White Nationalist”.

The MSM today has avoided talking about the Dayton shooters background because it does not fit their narrative. That makes understanding and evidently finding solutions all the more difficult.

You didn’t hear about the Dayton shooters feelings and left leanings because of a few reasons. One, the MSM wants to focus on El Paso and tie the shooter to the President. Second, FoxNews has decided to take the high road and not name or discuss any shooters in that light. If they do that for the White Nationalist, they have to do the same for the liberal shooter.

In the end we need restrictions on the type of weapons we allow legally, and who owns them. We need to get back to identifying mental illness for what it is and getting people into treatment and stop worrying about “stereotyping” them. It is not one or the other. It is all.


For a week the MSM has played up that the President’s new ten per cent tariff on China goods is going to drive prices up in the U.S. It has been a drumbeat and impacted the market.
Well yesterday China devalued their currency.
“China’s currency fell past the psychologically important level of 7 yuan to the dollar, days after President Trump threatened to broaden U.S. tariffs to cover essentially all Chinese imports”.
Now follow this. China lowers the value of their currency. That lowers the cost of their goods. They need to keep their factories humming and really can’t allow the prices to rise to where sales decline.
That means they are trying to cover the tariff, or at least a good part of it. Thus prices are not going to rise to the level the MSM was screaming about.
It also means the government may well get revenue from the tariff. You see the tariff costs full upon the importer. If the importer is paying China less, and the government a tax, but its bottom line is the same, then costs should stay stable. Only China would lose here.
Was this side covered on the news, or only the negative side?

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