Notes Heading To Weekend

Some Tidbits

Even though the media hasn’t been covering it as much, since the public
is not following it as closely after the Mueller hearing, the Democrats are continuing to build impeachment momentum. They are now up to 116 members coming out for the impeachment hearing. That is more than
half their membership in the house.

In the spirit of “you can’t make this up” did you see that Rep. Elijah Cummings’ Baltimore home was burglarized last weekend? The break-in took place at about 3:40 a.m. Saturday at the house.
According to local outlet WJZ, he owns and lives in the rowhouse with his wife, Maya Rockeymoore Cummings. She is the chairwoman of the Maryland Democratic Party.

One of the success stories of the Trump term has been judge appointments. Quietly this week the Senate confirmed nine more of President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees to the federal bench. 
Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has also called for the Senate to confirm 19 judges before it leaves Washington for its month long recess today.
This latest package of nominees also signals the Republican-controlled Senate is now turning its attention to the confirmation of district judges, after initially focusing on filling circuit court vacancies. 
A major story that does not get covered and makes all the difference as the courts get so involved.

President Trump announced he is extending tariffs to essentially all Chinese imports. This is an escalation of the trade conflict that is going to have some impact at some point. It did yesterday on the market which was up big until the news hit and immediately went straight down.
Overnight China threatened countermeasures.
“The ministry said if the U.S. measures took effect, China will have to take the necessary steps to resolutely defend its core interests.” The statement issued Friday continued, “All the consequences will be borne by the United States.”

If China is playing the long game to outlast the President’s term this will get ugly.
Now the MSM presentation of this is so one sided it just points out their bias. They create panic about higher prices, lost jobs, recession and worse. What they never mention is what this administration is trying to fix. When all the jobs were leaving and going to China where was the media then?

In politics, on Thursday night the lone black Republican Congressman Will Hurd announced he will not seek reelection. This is a building trend and issue for the Republicans. It is now double digits the number not running. Hard to retake the house with all these resignations. But there is a better chance with Trump at the head of the ticket to hold them than there would be in 2022 and an off year election.

With all the noise about healthcare and costs the President appears to be preparing to sign an executive order next week on Medicare (with an eye on the 2020 election). That is, moving ahead with allowing drug imports from Canada. He wants to drive lower drug costs and cast himself as the President who got it done.
As long term readers here know, we have believed from the outset of the healthcare debate that you simply cannot insure up to 40 million for free and reduce costs. That is why administration after administration has gotten bogged down on this.

A new tape released by ISIS in Afghanistan showed shocking images of its fighters beheading a Taliban as children watched and cheered. Think of the long term implications of that.
It is why we must always remember what the mission is. We need to protect the nations future for our children and grandchildren.

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