Debate Two, Night Two…

I think the best way to provide analysis to last nights debate is to share two messages from readers that I received. The first came last night immediately at the close and said:
“Thank goodness it’s over.”
The second recived this AM. The person referred to themselves as “an average American” and said this:
“If they keep having these debates they are gonna put Trump right back into the White House”.
Both statements were so true.
If only the President could control his message.

So at this point I guess both sides seem intent on keeping the other alive.

I know they went after the President last night, but I think they may have attacked President Obama and his presidency as much. I guess to attack the frontrunner Joe Biden, they have to do that, but much of what they say will be used again in the general election.

If I had to pick people who moved their candidacies forward it would probably be Cory Booker and Julian Castro. But both of them supported open borders and that is a losing issue with independents in the general election. You will not win in 2020 advocating that.
Michael Bennent tried to the middle of the roader, but he didn’t have enough time to do it.
Kamala Harris proved she is a great attack dog but seemed awfully weak on counter punching. Tulsi Gabbard absolutely destroyed her. But then Gabbard said “our president is supporting al Qaeda.” What?
Bill DeBlasio played to those on the furthest left he could. Maybe he is playing for 2024.
Gillibrand did her pandering, Wang promised his money for all, and Inslee proved he didn’t belong there.

That leaves Joe Biden. Now he was better than in debate one, but he still left lots of questions. He had trouble finishing some thoughts and sentences. He just doesn’t seem sharp and ready. I think he survives but you have to wonder as the debate stage narrows to less in September, can he withstand the assault.
Plus they are forcing Joe to back off so many things he did over the years that he will be challenged on what he stands for and his judgement. It’s like he was for crime punishment before he was against it. He is for women in the workplace after he was for them staying home. Pick the issue, and where is he now?
Contrast that with President Trump. Do you know where he stands?

Okay, the next debate is in September and with the rules for participation ramping up the 20 from this week will be down to one night.

other thoughts

Don’t you think the Democrats are truly moving so far left that the independents who will decide the winner in 2020 will be more scared of them than four more years of Trump? They challenged Biden last night to say Obama was cruel and mean to deport illegals. They want the border open. They want criminals free. They want higher taxes. They want fossil fuels gone. As you go issue by issue they are out of touch, and I think this is going to hurt them.

One thing that didn’t come up last night with Kamala Harris was this. She has called the President every name in the book from “vile” to “un-American”. Well did you know that in 2011 she took a $6,000 donation from him while running for Attorney General?
Amazing isn’t it?

Non debate news

Osama bin Laden’s son and terrorism heir was reportedly killed in a military operation that involved American forces. Just a month ago I was reading of his work with Al Qaeda and vowing to avenge his father’s death.
The State Department had put a $1 million bounty on bin Laden in February.

A quiet story with little coverage was this about James Comey. It is from The Hill.
“Fired FBI Director James Comey told agents he appeared to have lost track of two memos he kept detailing conversations with President Trump, according to new documents revealed Wednesday by Judicial Watch.
The FBI sent agents to visit Mr. Comey at home in 2017, after his firing, to speak with him about the memos, which the former director had leaked in order to embarrass Mr. Trump.
Agents collected four memos from Mr. Comey ranging in dates from February to June. But Mr. Comey told the agents two memos he believed he wrote “were missing.”

The Hill story said the IG report coming out will be very critical about Comey, but no charges will be brought.

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