On Night One, Debate Two…

For night one of debate two some things stood out for us.
— No one attacked the front runner Joe Biden.
That means they either see him as weak and not headed for the nomination or they had a pact not to attack each other.
— No one mentioned the Mueller Report.
Doesn’t that tell you something about how the hearing went last week? Not once did someone mention the name Mueller. Now contrast that with the pressure to impeach that Nadler and Schiff are touting daily. There’s a disconnect.
–The time spent on high and failing healthcare costs.
Now think about this, what are they knocking? It’s still the ACA (Obamacare). This was the healthcare act the Democrats passed without a Republican vote. Maybe Nancy was right, even they needed to pass it to know what they were voting for.
If its so bad and people are dying (it seems they all had a personal story) maybe we should hold them accountable.
— The divide in the party was clear. There were the far left candidates and they were challenged this time by the slight left of center. It may be the first time some have seen the more moderate Democrats.

Who won? There was no clear winner as I see it.
Bernie recovered somewhat and appealed to his base, but his constant yelling and anger may turn some off.
Warren had some good moments and some not so good, but she likely helped herself with the left.
Williamson was most googled person of the debate. She may see a little bump, but from nothing to something is a bump.
If the party were looking to the middle then Delaney made the most sense.
No one broke out and separated themselves.

Memorable lines often influence the thought of who won the next day.
Bernie’s “I wrote the bill” may be the most replayed today.
Warren’s “why run to tell us what we can’t do”, will get a lot of play.
Delaney’s words that “hospitals will close” if they pass medicare for all should get play.
Ryan’s words that immigrants “should at least ring the doorbell” was a good one.

That’s about it for me. On to tonight and Biden versus Harris and Booker. We’ll all be watching Biden to see if he can fight back and stand up to the challenge. It’s all about Joe tonight.

One last thing. When they played the pledge last night nine of the ten candidates placed their hands over their heart. Ryan didn’t. Watch tonight and see what happens. Governor Inslee of Washington may do the same or more.

and this

There may have been no mention of Mueller in the debate but that didn’t stop the house, where impeachment lives.
CALIFORNIA REP. JUDY CHU became the 116th House Democrat to call for impeachment. Now that’s just two short of putting Democrats over the 50% mark.

To show the other side of this was an event with little coverage:
A judge in New York dismissed Democrats’ claims that President Trump’s campaign conspired with Russia. The judge said there were no allegations that anyone from the campaign stole documents from the DNC.
The lawsuit brought by the Democrats alleged that Trump’s campaign conspired with Russia, Wikileaks,  his son-in-law and others. 

Yesterday we told you how much the RNC had out-raised the DNC (for congressional races). Well today we can report its a different story for the senatorial campaigns.
The Senate Democrats’ super PAC — raised $13.5 million during the first six months of the 2020 cycle. The group says it is by far the most it has raised in the first six months of a cycle since its inception in 2011.
This more than doubles the $5.5 million Senate Republicans took in through their Senate Leadership Fund.

Interestingly the Democrats are trying to protect the house and win the senate, while Republicans are doing the opposite.

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